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Lawrenceville is an unincorporated community located within the Lawrence Township. The community, which is also known as the village of Lawrenceville, sits in Mercer County. It has an estimated population of 3,887 residents.

One of the focal points of Lawrenceville is the Main Street Historic District. This historic district is home to several notable buildings, two cemeteries, and the Lawrenceville School National Historic Landmark. The district itself is listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Lawrenceville is one of the best places to live in Mercer County. While the cost of living is rather high, the town more than makes up for it with excellent public schools, plenty of outdoor activities, fair weather, and a hopping nightlife scene. Lawrenceville also boasts good job and housing opportunities as well as an easy commute.


The Need for a Lawrenceville HOA Management Company

In Lawrenceville, homeowners outnumber renters. About 79 percent of the town’s residents own their homes. Among these homeowners, most prefer to live in communities run by homeowners associations. There are a number of homeowners associations in Lawrenceville, NJ. Some of these include Woodmont, Richlieu, and Society Hill.

The reason HOAs are common in Lawrenceville is thanks to the plethora of advantages they pose. Association living gives residents use of common amenities like fitness centers, pools, and clubhouses. They also benefit from convenient services such as garbage collection and landscaping. But, HOA living also has its struggles, particularly in the form of paying regular dues and following strict rules.

On average, homeowners in New Jersey pay $250 in monthly HOA fees. Though, this can still vary from one locale to another, as factors such as location, size, and the extent of the common amenities can influence dues.

The HOA board collects these dues and is also responsible for overseeing maintenance and enforcing the rules, among other duties. Due to a lack of time or expertise, most boards hire professional Lawrenceville association management services.


Lawrenceville Condo Management

There are more than 30 million condo units in the United States. Condos typically belong in condo associations, which are responsible for keeping common areas clean and up-to-date, collecting condo fees, and enforcing condo rules. But, condo boards don’t always have the time or experience needed for condo management. An HOA management company in Lawrenceville can help with this as well.


Looking for a Lawrenceville, NJ HOA Management Company?

Homeowners association management is no easy task. It demands time, patience, and commitment, not to mention an arsenal of skills that not all owners have. Because there is a lot of work involved, HOA boards typically turn to an HOA management company for professional assistance.

With expert Lawrenceville homeowners association management services, HOA boards can entrust most of the administrative work to someone else. Examples of such tasks include sending out notices, taking calls from homeowners, and collecting fees. A management company can also perform the more challenging jobs, such as creating financial statements, overseeing vendors, and maintaining common areas.

But, looking for a company that suits your association’s needs and budget can be difficult. You have to search for candidates, which can be a long process, and then make sure you sign with a reputable company. HOAmanagement.com is here to make your life easier.¬†Our online directory lets you hunt for a Lawrenceville HOA management company based on location. You can also look for vendors and lawyers in your area.

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