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Located in Orange County, San Juan Capistrano has an estimated population of 35,911 residents. The city is known for its cliff swallows, protected birds that migrate from Goya, Argentina, every year. In fact, the cliff swallows are so iconic that the city celebrates the migration with an annual Swallows’ Day Parade.

San Juan Capistrano is an affluent community, with expensive homes and a high cost of living. The city makes up for it, though, with its excellent public schools, diverse population, great weather, and an abundance of outdoor activities. Residents also enjoy a decent nightlife scene and an easy commute.

Notable attractions in the city include Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Ruins of the Great Stone Church, Mission Basilica, the historic Frank A. Forster House, the historic Juan Avila Adobe, the historic Casa Manuel Garcia, the Los Rios Historic District, and San Juan Capistrano Station.


The Advantages of Homeowners Association Living

Homeowners associations are growing in popularity across the country. The state of California alone is home to 49,200 homeowners associations. There are also many of these communities in San Juan Capistrano, including but not limited to Summer Place, Tustin Grove, and San Juan Hills. The average monthly HOA fee in California is $300 to $700.

Because association living comes with fees, some people wonder if it is even worth it. But, in truth, living in an HOA community comes with a lot of advantages. Some examples include:

  • Residents can use community facilities and amenities like gyms, clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, and golf courses.
  • Associations provide valuable services such as common area maintenance, garbage disposal, and landscaping, among other things.
  • Associations enforce strict rules to keep the community safe and in good condition, thereby improving curb appeal and property values.

There are two types of HOA communities — those that are self-managed and those that are not. A lot of associations prefer to hire a San Juan Capistrano homeowners association management company because it is infinitely more convenient. Not only do boards save a lot of time, but they can also feel more at ease about getting a higher quality of output.


Getting Help From a San Juan Capistrano, CA HOA Management Company

One of the smartest choices an HOA board can make is to outsource community management to seasoned professionals. With expert help, your board no longer has to worry about community maintenance, dispute resolution, homeowner communication, financial management, dues collection, and other administrative work.

However, looking for the best San Juan Capistrano association management company is not as easy as it seems. You have to evaluate your needs as well as your budget. To get started on the right path, you need to use a reliable resource.

Fortunately, HOAManagement.com’s online directory consists of reputable HOA management companies, vendors, and lawyers. Simply browse by city and state to narrow down your search. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a partner in HOA management today!

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