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Shawnee has an estimated population of 31,436 residents. It serves as the county seat of Pottawatomie County. Shawnee is located about 45 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City.

The residents of Shawnee enjoy a lot of things about the city. It boasts good public schools, an affordable cost of living, a decent nightlife scene, and a diverse population. Shawnee also offers plenty of good housing and job opportunities. Notable points of interest include the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Larch-Miller Park, and Woodland Veteran’s Memorial Park.


The Importance of Association Management

Homeowners associations are becoming more common in the United States. In Oklahoma alone, there are about 2,000 HOA communities. Shawnee is no different. Among the several HOAs here are Summerfield, Quail Creek, Hawthorn Village, and the Fountains at Hidden Creek. On average, homeowners in this city pay between $150 to $850 in monthly dues.

Some people might ask why homeowners associations are even popular, especially if residents have to pay a monthly fee to live in them. But, HOA living does come with a good number of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Residents who live in homeowners associations have access to the amenities in the community. Amenities can vary depending on the HOA, but they usually include pools, gyms, clubhouses, and green spaces.
  • Associations offer convenient services such as landscaping, trash removal, and snow removal.
  • Common areas are consistently maintained to keep up curb appeal.
  • Rules are enforced uniformly to keep the peace and order in the community.

Operating an HOA community, though, is never easy. Association boards have to fulfill a plethora of duties and responsibilities, such as collecting dues, sending out notices to owners, hiring vendors, and maintaining insurance coverage. For self-managed boards, these tasks can quickly become too heavy.

This is where a Shawnee homeowners association management company can help.


Hire the Best Shawnee, OK HOA Management Company

With an HOA management company, boards don’t have to worry about the community’s day-to-day operations. Professionals can take over most of the obligations that boards have. They can also help the board make smart decisions and remain compliant with the various HOA laws that can apply to them.

When hiring a Shawnee association management company, though, it’s essential to begin in the right direction. HOAManagement.com makes it easy for you to search for trusted HOA management companies, vendors, and lawyers. Browse our comprehensive online directory today!

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