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Located in Camden County, Voorhees Township has an estimated population of 29,175 residents. The township is known for the Skate Zone, which is a training facility used by the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.

Voorhees welcomes many new residents each year. This is because of the township’s many attractive qualities. For one thing, residents enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, safe neighborhoods, a diverse community, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Voorhees also boasts fair weather, good job & housing opportunities, and highly-rated public schools.

It is worth noting, though, that Voorhees is a more affluent suburb of New Jersey. Thus, the township does have a higher cost of living. Other attractions in and near Voorhees include Sahara Sam’s Water Park, Diggerland USA, Black Run Preserve, Connolly Park, Lion Lake, and Silver Lake.


The Rise of Homeowners Association Management

There are nearly 7,000 homeowners associations in New Jersey. This means there are about 1.46 million people living in communities run by HOAs. Voorhees itself is home to several, including but not limited to Alluvium, Carriagebrooke Farm, Maison Place, and Sturbridge Estates. This rise in HOAs can be attributed to the many benefits they offer.

What can residents expect when living in a homeowners association?

  • Use of common amenities and facilities such as fitness centers, clubhouses, parks, pools, tennis courts, and golf courses
  • Convenient services such as garbage disposal, snow removal, and landscaping
  • Uniform enforcement of rules in the community to boost curb appeal and protect property values
  • A sense of community

To remain in good standing and continue living in HOAs, homeowners have to pay monthly dues to the association. In New Jersey, the average homeowner pays about $200 to $300 in monthly dues. But, in more affluent neighborhoods such as Voorhees Township, that amount can go as high as $1,000 a month or more.

The rise in HOAs in Voorhees also means that there is a larger demand for professional management. After all, managing an entire community is often easier said than done. HOA boards have to complete a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Examples include collecting dues, enforcing the rules, communicating with homeowners, coordinating with vendors, overseeing maintenance, and planning the budget. For self-managed boards, a Voorhees homeowners association management company is usually necessary.


Voorhees Condo Management

Condominium associations are also common in Voorhees. Similar to homeowners associations, condo associations are responsible for maintaining the community. Condo boards have to collect condo fees, keep common areas clean, and enforce rules in a consistent manner. With so much to do and so little time, it can all quickly become overwhelming. Hence, an HOA or condo management company is usually called in to help.


Look for a Partner in Voorhees, NJ HOA Management

Managing a homeowners association comes with great responsibility. Board members have to dedicate a fair amount of their time to the community, which is not always possible. Plus, community management often requires a certain set of skills that not all board members have.

The best way to ensure your community remains in tiptop condition is to hire a Voorhees association management company. With expert assistance, your board can delegate most of your administrative tasks to a seasoned professional. You can also receive help with tax filing and legal compliance.

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