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Located in Westchester County, White Plains has an estimated population of 58,111 residents. It sits about 25 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. White Plains boasts highly-rated public schools, a vibrant nightlife scene, relatively safe neighborhoods, and an incredibly diverse community.

Additionally, White Plains is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. Notable locations include the White Plains Performing Arts Center and SUNY Purchase’s Performing Arts Center, where the Westchester Philharmonic often stages shows. The city also hosts the year-round White Plains Farmers’ Market. Several films have also shot in White Plains, such as “The Departed,” “Sisters,” and “Alex Strangelove.”

Residents and visitors also enjoy the city’s many attractions. These include the Saxon Woods Park, the Silver Lake Preserve, the Neuberger Museum of Art, the Greenburgh Nature Center, Kensico Dam Plaza, Cranberry Lake Preserve, and Rockefeller State Park Preserve.


Homeowners Associations: What Are They?

In the United States, there are 351,000 homeowners associations. Among these associations, New York is home to about 14,000. There are also plenty of them in White Plains, including Cobblefield, Valimar, and Pondside Village. Living in these communities, though, demands paying a monthly fee. In New York, homeowners pay an average of $500 in dues every month.

Homeowners associations have to maintain entire neighborhoods. They execute this by enforcing strict policies and hiring vendors to complete a variety of tasks around the community. Other responsibilities include collecting association dues, maintaining reserves, and ensuring the common areas get maintained.

But, many associations opt to hire professional services instead of managing the community themselves. As a matter of fact, about 57,500 HOA communities are managed professionally. This is not surprising when you consider how taxing White Plains homeowners association management is.


White Plains Condo Management

There are more than 30 million condo units in the United States. White Plains is also home to plenty, such as Hillside Village, Spruce Ridge, and Hampshire House, which is why condo association management is equally important. Similar to homeowners associations, these condo associations collect dues from unit owners, enforce rules, and keep common areas properly maintained.

Fortunately, HOA management companies also offer condo management services.


Find Valuable White Plains, NY HOA Management Services

An HOA management company can offer useful services. These include but are not limited to homeowner communication, budget preparation, maintenance supervision, vendor management, and dues collection. However, it is essential to hire the right company that suits the needs and expectations of your association.

In the United States, though, there are approximately 8,500 association management companies. As such, it can feel overwhelming to skim through seemingly endless options. This is where HOAManagement.com comes in.

Our comprehensive online directory allows you to look for White Plains association management services, vendors, and lawyers with just a few simple clicks. Browse according to your city and state, then narrow down your options from there. Start browsing today!

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