Four Home Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never Make

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from fixing up your own home. Whether you’re repairing damaged molding or upgrading your kitchen to a newer look, home improvement can be very rewarding when the job is done. At MSI, maintenance is what we do every day. We’ve seen it all, from sheet rock repairs to large remodeling ventures. Here’s a list of the four most common mistakes to watch out for when you have a maintenance project in the works.

1. “I didn’t know I needed a permit for that!”

Forgetting to acquire the proper building permits can be detrimental to any project. Nothing puts the brakes on an otherwise well-planned remodel than the building inspector! Some folks try to fly under the radar, but we recommend that you always get the right permits. Any project that MSI completes is guaranteed to be done right. That includes making sure that we have all the right county permits to get the job done.

2. “He told me he was bonded and insured”

Contracting under-qualified maintenance workers could be one of the most costly mistakes on this list. Always use contractors with references, and check with the county to make sure they have all the qualifications they claim to. A little due diligence could mean the difference in a job well done and having to tear it up and start over. All of MSI’s highly trained specialists are bonded and insured for your peace of  mind.

3. “Primer? What primer?”

Taking shortcuts may seem like the easy way to get ahead, but it will cost you in the long run every time. Whether your painting your bedroom or building a deck, always make sure your work is the best it can be and don’t try to take “time-saving” shortcuts to get the job done faster. At MSI, we take pride in our work. You’re guaranteed  to receive our best work any time you need our help.

4. “Hey guys, watch this!”

No one can afford to ignore safety, especially in the maintenance field. Always take the necessary safety precautions when doing any project. MSI is dedicated to providing the best service in the area, and that includes making sure that both our client and our employees are safe.

Avoid these mistakes and you’re on your way to a successful maintenance project. As always, contact MSI whenever you need maintenance work at your home or business in the greater Charlotte area. You can rely on MSI for dependable, quality work.

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