HOA Social Committee Ideas For Your Community

HOA social committee ideas may lie somewhere between mid to low priority in the things your HOA board needs to do. That does not mean that you can just neglect your HOA social committee responsibilities either – if you have one in the first place.

In this guide, we’ll look at useful tips on how to start an HOA social committee, and the social committee roles it occupies. Social committee guidelines also call for a social chairperson, too, so we’ll also go into the social chair responsibilities, especially when it comes to the hot topic of HOA social clubs!

Neighborhood Social Committee Ideas to Boost Socialization In Your Community

You can likely relate to most HOA board members who struggle with finding an ideal work-life balance. It makes sense, then, that building community between those in your homeowners association may not be the top priority. However, there are ways in which homeowners associations can make it easier to build community and promote socialization outside of just the Board meetings and on-the-fly interactions.

One of the most important ways to promote socialization in your community is to have people assigned just for that. In most HOAs, these people usually make up the social committee.

The Importance of Community Socialization

socializing | hoa social committee ideasSocial media sites like Twitter and Facebook make socializing without having to be face-to-face much easier. People are further encouraged to stick with the Internet for community interaction.

There are definitely some great benefits to technological socialization. However,  it’s hard to manage a community on a personal level when in-person connections are lacking.

It might not seem like a huge deal but think about the benefits of having neighbors getting to know one another and those on the Board. Developing meaningful relationships will increase happiness and decrease the chances of individuals getting frustrated with their neighbors or those running the community—which is you.

It will also give you a chance to know the different personalities and preferences of those in your community, which will help when making Board decisions or handling any problems that may arise. Therefore, board members will want to continue promoting personal camaraderie within their community.

Giving Your Neighborhood Socialization Some Structure

Promoting the creation of a social committee is an excellent way to get your HOA members to get along better. It also opens up the way to holding exciting events for your HOA, too. Before you go all out in planning your next social club activity, it’s best to assign some responsibilities to your HOA board members for these events.

Getting the HOA Board Onboard Your Social Committee Ideas

It’s very important to get your HOA board’s support for your social committee. First, you need to make sure your association bylaws allow you to have one in the first place. Second, having the support of the board also means that your social committee can actually utilize funding from the HOA board.

To get your HOA board approval, you’ll need to form your social committee and have a chair for it. If your HOA does not already have a social committee, it’s a good topic to raise during your annual meeting. This way, you can ask if someone is interested in chairing the social committee as you pitch the idea.

Different Kinds of HOA Social Committees

The social committee, as a subset of the HOA board, need not exist separate from the rest of the board itself. Depending on your HOA board composition, as well as the bylaws and culture of your association in general, you may have one of three different kinds of HOA social committees.

Ad-hoc Social Committees – These are formed, often on the spot, just to oversee an event. Once the event is done, the ad-hoc social committee is broken up until the next social event. The committee then comes together again the next time the event comes around.

Fixed / Standing Social Committees  – Fixed social committees are the opposite of ad-hoc ones. They are made up of regular members, and the committee is established and functional, whether there is an ongoing event or not. Standing HOA social committees are ideal for overseeing seasonal or yearly events that your community religiously observes. Fixed social committees are also mentioned in the HOA bylaws, and are usually established as an extension of the HOA board.

Mandatory Social Committees – Mandatory committees are explicitly specified in the bylaws of an HOA or its other governing documents. So if your bylaw clearly states that an HOA social committee should be established for a certain event, then that social committee is also a mandatory committee or subcommittee. Your HOA needs to establish one for that specific purpose, as the bylaws or CC&Rs state. They also cannot be abolished by the board, too.

Engaging Residents in Your Community

The most efficient way to bring together neighbors is by scheduling social events periodically that residents will enjoy. Speaking of social media before, residents can also spread the word online to decrease the need for physical marketing of the events. It’s a good way to take advantage of technology. People may be more likely to see it on social media anyway.

Your HOA social committee can be responsible for setting up the events for the community. This way, they can also go and find out what residents would respond to best. For example, a good event idea could be a wine get-together. A different neighbor can even host it each time, too.

Or maybe your community would like an informal get-together every first Friday. Involve the kids with a craft night or dog parade! Events that are fun and fairly simple to plan are good ideas.

Event Ideas for HOA Social Clubs

gathering | hoa social committeeAside from holiday events, you can also organize your HOA social club to put together HOA social committee ideas like:

  • Neighborhood Garage Sales
  • Ice Cream and BBQ Cookout Socials
  • Card Tournament Game Nights
  • Outdoor Movie Nights
  • Community Pool Parties
  • Fall Festivals
  • Book and Trivia Clubs With Contests
  • Beer & Wine Swap Meets and Sampling Events
  • Walking Clubs

HOA Social Committee Ideas Keep A Community Together

Giving homeowners association members a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level is a perfect way to make a positive impact on Board governance and satisfaction from residents. Start planning today to get homeowners away from their computers and face-to-face with their neighbors.




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