What Does The HOA Vice President Do?

HOA boards are typically led by the president, with the vice president next in line. But, what exactly are the duties of an HOA vice president?

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HOA boards are typically led by the president, with the vice president next in line. But, what exactly are the duties of an HOA vice president?


The Duties of HOA Vice President

Every homeowners association is governed by a set of board members. While the structure of the HOA board can vary from community to community, the positions more or less remain the same across a majority of them. Generally, the HOA board is headed by the president, followed by the vice president. If you intend to run for the position of vice president, it is imperative to know what the job entails.

Here are the roles of HOA vice president:


1. Fills In When the President Is Out

The main duty of the vice president is to stand in as the president when the latter is absent or unable to tend to their tasks. As such, the responsibilities of the HOA vice president are similar to those of the president.

When the president is unavailable, the vice president takes over tasks such as overseeing board meetings and annual meetings, heading the preparation of the annual budget, and approving large expenditures. It can also include signing checks and contracts or any other important documents that require the president’s signature.

If you have an HOA management company, the vice president must also act as the liaison between them and the association when the president is not around. Basically, all of the day-to-day operational tasks that the president is usually in charge of fall under the vice president’s area of responsibility.

Given how important the president’s job is, it is a good idea for the VP to shadow the president for some time. This will help the vice president familiarize themselves with the specifics of the position. In many cases, though, the HOA management company assumes control over the association’s day-to-day operations. This relieves much of the burden from the president’s shoulders.


2. Heads HOA Committees

hoa board vice presidentBecause the VP’s primary job is to fill in for the president, there is some level of uncertainty when it comes to the exact nature of the position.

The vice president acts mostly as support, though many associations do specify that the VP is responsible for heading and liaising with committees. This gives committees some direction and added help.

For instance, Architectural Review Committees (ARC) in larger communities tend to receive countless requests. The vice president can serve as the middleman of sorts between the board and the ARC for when these applications need approval. The vice president can also double-check the recommendation of the committee and make sure it complies with the HOA’s governing documents.


3. Performs Delegated Tasks

The HOA president often has a lot on their plate, thereby needing an extra set of eyes and hands. This is where the VP comes in as well. The vice president will carry out any tasks delegated to them by the president. This may involve things like organizing social events, overseeing maintenance, securing bids from vendors, and coordinating with third parties. If your association has employees, the vice president may also be in charge of managing them.


How Much Does an HOA Vice President Make?

There is a common misconception that HOA board members get paid for their roles. In truth, board members are volunteer positions and most associations don’t compensate these volunteers. Granted, there are a select few that do, but the ones that don’t outweigh them.

But, if board members perform work for the HOA, why should they not receive a salary? Mainly because of the risks involved. Board members who receive compensation are excluded from the HOA’s D&O insurance. As such, these board members must secure their own policy for protection against personal liability. Beyond that, it is also a matter of preventing conflicts of interest and accusations of mismanagement or self-service from owners.

This does not mean that paying board members is completely against the law. If you want to know whether or not your board members are paid, it is wise to check your governing documents as well as the laws in your state. Many associations expressly prohibit compensating board members for their jobs.

If your HOA does pay board members, it must make sure to disclose this information to the association’s members. Moreover, the fees must not exceed the market price.


Qualities of an Effective HOA Board Vice President

roles of hoa vice presidentBecause the vice president essentially acts as a substitute to the president, the person in this position must possess the same qualities as those of a good president. What are these qualities?

First of all, a good VP must know how to lead and delegate tasks. When the president is absent, the vice president takes over. Thus, they must possess excellent leadership skills. Consistency is another vital quality in a VP, especially when it comes to rule enforcement. Communication is equally vital, not just for the VP, but for every board member.

Homeowners associations are also vulnerable to disputes. As such, the vice president must know how to mediate between parties, weigh out cases in an objective manner, and make impartial decisions. Because the VP can also sign checks and give go signals for large expenditures when the president is out, another key quality is honesty and integrity in all financial matters.

Other than that, an effective HOA vice president is willing to learn, knows how to cooperate, is not afraid to ask for help, and always puts the community’s best interests first. If you want to run for the position of HOA vice president, it is important to work on these qualities.


The Role of Professional Services

While there is some confusion concerning the role of the HOA vice president, it nevertheless remains an important job. Unfortunately, many HOA boards find it hard to juggle their duties with their personal responsibilities. This is where an HOA management company can help.

With professional services, your board can delegate most of its tasks to an experienced management team. Of course, your board will still retain the sole ability to make large or important decisions. Start looking for an HOA management company today using our helpful online directory.



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