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The Top Five Benefits To Automate Your Invoice Processing

Home Owner Associations and HOA Management companies are constantly juggling the daily demands of their residents and tenants while trying to manage their properties. Those day to day tasks make it hard to take time to step back and find ways to become more efficient.

One of the most time consuming tasks overlooked is the automating of invoice processing and other important communications (assessments, meeting notices, violation letters, delinquency letters and annual dues). You need to get those communications out the door in order to get paid or to meet compliance mandates.  Often, it’s the last thing to be done, and let’s face it, it’s not a very glamorous task.  Here are five compelling reasons for you to consider automating your invoicing and communications processes.


  • Reduce Business Costs.


Add up the time you or someone in your business spends printing, folding, inserting, applying postage and mailing documents each month. Assuming postage is a fixed cost, it’s the expense of paper, envelopes and labor that goes into getting those documents into the mail. And, that adds up quickly. Take advantage of a service that buys materials in bulk. The cost savings are passed on to you.  


  • Improve Productivity.


Instead of struggling with printer jams, buying stamps and stuffing envelopes, you or your staff could instead be working on more important tasks. In place of this manual process, you could focus more time on the property management issues that need your attention, such as lease renewals and increasing occupancy rates.


  • Gain Back Valuable Time to Focus on Managing Your Business.


Without having to manage the very manual process of printing and mailing bills and other correspondence, you can instead shift your focus to property management. You’ll now have time to attend to other matters that often get pushed to the wayside.


  • Monitor Your Mail Activity.


When the mail partner comes with a dashboard, such as DocuSend®’s Portal and Image Bank, you’ll have instant access to six months of document history. That makes it so easy to retrieve and view documents when tenants call with a question, or you need to resend the document.


  • Faster Delivery.


Using mail experts means an Intelligent Mail Bar Code is appended to your customer document, expediting delivery of your mail. In addition, you can see addresses that are flagged as potentially undeliverable so you can check with the client to see what the correct address should be and update your customer database.

If you think now is the time to consider outsourcing your invoice processing, do your research to find a service that is easy to use, costs less than processing internally and doesn’t charge monthly service fees or monthly minimums.

Until the recent launch of DocuSend, there wasn’t a cost effective way to outsource, and it’s hard to switch modes when you’re used to doing something the same way for so many years. DocuSend makes it so easy to make you and your business more efficient. Visit us on the web at www.docusend.biz today!

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