HOA Refuses to Give Plumber’s Report?


There is a leak underneath building. The dirt is damp in areas coming from under building.
This has been a long-standing problem for many years. Each time the sewer drain backed up it would come inside my unit. During a bathroom renovation a one way valve was installed to keep the backflow from coming into my unit.
A plumber from HOA found a 4 ft crack in drain pipe and trench less pipe repair was done on the 4ft section.
Prior to bathroom renovation an air sample test based on suspicion that mold was present. The mold levels were moderately higher compared to outdoors. Some molds not commonly found inside were also present. A tape test was also done on the grout from bathroom floor. The result was positive for rust which is considered to be rare.
Due to water pressure build up under building over the years the foundation has horizontal cracks and some interior walls also have horizontal cracks at center of wall.
During renovation of bathroom we found extensive termite damage if the buildings structure inside the walls. Termite services were provided at that time.
Today the ground in areas coming from under the building are still damp, these areas are located near bathroom and kitchen areas outside of unit.
I requested the HOA to have someone come out and assess the situation. They did send a plumber to place a camera into drain.
I have requested a copy of the plumbers report but have been denied. I just want to review the report so I make an informed decision on what the next step is in resolving the problem. The current environment gives the mold a place to thrive and my son already has enough health issues.
The worst of it all are the amount of cockroaches that have taken over my unit day and night. I have fumigated twice this week and same day they are still walking around as if they own the place. The amount of cockroaches has increased over the past few months and are uncontrollable.
HOA does not pay for pest services, it is homeowners responsibility.
I went into executive session with HOA Board on Tuesday requesting that they send a leak specialist out to figure out why the sewage is still leaking because according to the plumber that placed camera Inside the drain said that there were no leaks.
The HOA Board will not release plumbers report’s and it would really help to see what the plumber’s true findings were.
I formally requested to get a copy. What is next step in retaining this report?

– Tawnie



Hi Tawnie,

While plumber’s reports are not explicitly included in the list of association records subject to inspection under California law, it is worth putting in a request to review the report. Make sure the request is in writing and specifically names the document you wish to examine. If the HOA still refuses, you might consider putting in a discovery request through your court system. In this case, it’s best to consult an attorney for guidance.


Disclaimer: We are not lawyers. The information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice.

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