Records Inspection in Illinois Condos


Can you list records of the association availability for the condo unit owner’s examination.




Hi Regina,

According to 765 ILCS 605/19(a):

(a) The board of managers of every association shall keep and maintain the following records, or true and complete copies of these records, at the association’s principal office:
(1) the association’s declaration, bylaws, and plats

of survey, and all amendments of these;
(2) the rules and regulations of the association, if

(3) if the association is incorporated as a

corporation, the articles of incorporation of the association and all amendments to the articles of incorporation;
(4) minutes of all meetings of the association and

its board of managers for the immediately preceding 7 years;
(5) all current policies of insurance of the

(6) all contracts, leases, and other agreements then

in effect to which the association is a party or under which the association or the unit owners have obligations or liabilities;
(7) a current listing of the names, addresses, email

addresses, telephone numbers, and weighted vote of all members entitled to vote;
(8) ballots and proxies related to ballots for all

matters voted on by the members of the association during the immediately preceding 12 months, including, but not limited to, the election of members of the board of managers;
(9) the books and records for the association’s

current and 10 immediately preceding fiscal years, including, but not limited to, itemized and detailed records of all receipts, expenditures, and accounts; and
(10) any reserve study.

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