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We are committed to providing experienced, responsive, and cost effective management to property owners in the greater Fredericksburg area. Landmarc Real Estate specializes in the management of community associations and homeowners associations. Every property and association account managed by Landmarc receives specialized service that is tailored to meet individual needs. After a management program is developed, each client is assigned a property manager and a financial manager. These professionals become the interactive contacts and are responsible for the management of the property. This team approach ensures that our clients receive personalized, efficient service for each distinct operation.



The financial management of each association is handled in-house. Our financial management team includes degreed professionals. Community Association and HOA financial management include the following services:

  • Provide professional management for aspects of billing, collection, and record keeping using accrual based accounting practices.Maintain a complete and accurate set of financial records for the association.
  • Provide computer generated checking accounts and supervise proper investment of reserve accounts.
  • Provide payment billing for monthly, quarterly, or yearly dues.
  • Send delinquency notices and pursue past due accounts in accordance with the policies established by the homeowners association.
  • Assist a Certified Public Accountant, selected by the association, with the annual audit and preparation of the state and federal taxes.
  • Prepare financial reports for the Board of Directors, and provide information required for special meetings as specified by the Board.
  • Respond to all homeowner inquiries regarding account status, fees, and related financial matters on a timely basis.


Ledger System-Data Management

Landmarc Real Estate employs the use of a property management system software. This system is a state of the art, proven software package that provides a complete and integrated general ledger system for all accounts. With the use of this system, specialized electronic banking services can be utilized. Among the services offered are the use of coupons to help make paying dues as convenient as possible, digital banking with electronic deposits and transfers, and direct link communication between financial managers and the bank.

  • This system automatically keeps records on all properties, units, tenant histories, payables, check writing, deposit reporting, and bank reconciliations.
  • Date sensitive posting of general ledger transactions with both a posting date and actual transaction date.
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Budget Comparisons are available.


Contractual and Technical Services

Landmarc Real Estate is a local company serving associations in the City of Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties. The approach Landmarc Real Estate uses is to understand completely the community’s needs and concerns, and to work to eliminate the problems that develop within each association. A hands-on management approach is used with great success. Often it is necessary to conduct detailed, in-depth studies to identify a problem and to create a solution. These solution based assessments are key practices that help to assure successful operation of each association.

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