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PMI Terminus is a locally owned and operated management company specializing in HOA and property management with a goal of bringing innovative technology to the industry while maintaining a human touch. As long-time Atlanta residents, the owners of PMI Terminus want to bring improved service and support to the Metro Atlanta area. We have a passion to see our city continue to grow and are excited to build our legacy here at home. Serving on our own HOA board as volunteers we asked ourselves what we could do differently, better…and PMI Terminus was born.

What makes PMI Terminus different?

Transparent Transition and Step-by-Step Onboarding
Whether your community is transitioning from developer, self-managed, or another management company, our transition process is complete with touchpoints, welcome packets, and a variety of innovative tools. PMI Terminus will ensure the smoothest transition possible and long term success.

Effective Communication
PMI Terminus understands the importance of timely and clear communication. Our promise is to ensure all residents & owners receive prompt and complete communication in a respectful fashion. Your community manager will become familiar with your covenants and by-laws to ensure proper guidance and
recommendations. We partner with Boardline Academy to provide additional HOA board training at no extra charge.

Honesty & Integrity
The owners and employees of PMI Terminus are all local and invested in the community. We are your neighbors. Our goal is to change the expectations of community managers and ensure we build trust with our communities. Additionally, we perform board member surveys to ensure we are the right partner for you and continue to improve.

Accurate Accounting
We will deliver your association’s financials accurately and on time each month. A portal will be provided where all up-to-date financial data will be available for board members and residents. This includes your community’s balance sheet, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Availability of our Management Team
We commit to you and your residents our availability for daily operations, ongoing projects, and emergencies. Our team will support your compliance inspections, board meetings, vendor management, and more.

Our commitment to you is to deliver on our brand promise: effective communication, honesty/integrity, accurate accounting, and availability of the management team.

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