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Easily Manage your HOA Pool with Task(and Time) Eliminating Software

Pools managed by HOAs are easily susceptible to losing revenue channels and offering freedom that
is often taken advantage of. Without the ability to constantly overlook the pools management
elements, it is difficult to control important aspects such as access control for members and
guests, employee relations, and membership payments.

Many HOAs accept these disadvantages and allow members and nonmembers to abuse the pools benefits.
However, that does not need to continue any longer. There is a simple solution to these issues, a
management software. This software can handle each of the previously mentioned problems with HOA
managed swim clubs while decreasing staff time and increasing revenue.

Access Control:

Member Check-in
Tracking member check-in is a vital aspect to any successful pool. With HOAs, there is variability
in the membership aspect. Your HOA pool may offer the pool pass within the HOA pool while another
HOA may offer pool access for an extra fee. Since both of these options exist, being able to track
the people accessing the pool becomes a priority. The software features that are offered to deal
with this aspect of pool management includes the option of check-in through barcodes or by last
name. Barcode check-ins typically involve having a member ID number or a member card to scan when
entering the pool. That option is simple but even more straightforward is the last name check-in
process where members will give their name or put it into a check-in system.

Guest and Childcare Passes
With members comes the desire to bring in guests or have childcare bring their children to the pool
while they are unavailable. With a strict membership check-in procedure through the software, it is
a necessity that there is an offer for guests and babysitters to attend the pool. A software will
have the ability for your members to purchase guest and childcare passes as well as be able to
track the use of the passes. Typically, childcare passes will be offered for the entire season,
while guests will use one-day passes that will be sold individually or in packages.

Employee Relations
Members are not the only ones that seem to take advantage of the lack of management that an HOA
pool has; the employees are also known to work the system to their advantage. Without a

software, what is to stop employees from closing the pool a little early or showing up to their
shift a late? With the software, the employee check-in system will enforce the hours of each shift
and eliminate any opportunities for employees to abuse their freedom. The time clock feature will
track employee clock-ins and clock-outs. Another feature helpful in employee relations includes the
calendar schedule. This gets rid of shift confusion and allows staff to keep track of their

Membership Payments:
As the leading revenue channel for HOA pools, the membership fees/dues need to be the easiest
process of pool management. Software systems will eliminate the manual payment process that most
pools use now, and replace it with an online format. Not only does this stop the transaction of
physical money, but it also offers 24/7 access to the system for people who want to be able to
purchase their memberships, guest passes, and childcare passes on their own time. Whether it be
five minutes before or two weeks ahead, the system will track each purchase and make it accessible
to the member.

If your HOA already has another system for payments, the software can also work with third parties
to gather the membership information and place the members and their extra passes into the system.

To learn more about a pool management software with features that specialize in saving you
time and money, check out:

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