7 Easter Community Service Ideas

admin | March 30, 2022

Easter is a great time to come together and give back to the community. If your homeowners association is looking for some Easter community service ideas, then you've come to the right place.

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Easter is a great time to come together and give back to the community. If your homeowners association is looking for some Easter community service ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.


The Best HOA Easter Community Service Ideas

Easter is a primarily Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Considering the significance of the holiday, wouldn’t it also be the perfect time to show some love and compassion for others? For homeowners associations, that means organizing community service events that residents can take part in.

Here are some of the best Easter community service ideas you can utilize this coming holiday.


1. Organize a Canned Food Drive

A food drive is a classic community service activity. It’s simple enough to organize and, it really goes a long way to help others. To get started, make sure to advertise the food drive weeks before you begin collections. This way, residents have enough time to go through their pantries or buy groceries that they wish to donate.

While some residents may want to give fresh goods, canned food is the best way to go. Other pantry staples that don’t expire or have a long shelf life are also good options. Prepare large baskets or carts for this, too, since you will want a place to store the goods as you collect them from door to door. Alternatively, you can ask residents to go to the HOA office or the clubhouse to make their donations.


2. Ask for Clothing Donations

Ask for Clothing Donations | HOA easter community service ideas

Although clothing donations are more common during the winter, there’s no reason not to hold them during springtime as well. Ask residents to donate their old or unwanted clothes and shoes.

You can give these away to those in need, such as the homeless or those affected by disasters, or partner with a charitable organization to do it for you. As with the food drive, you should advertise this event ahead of time.


3. Organize a Fundraiser

Homeowners associations are no stranger to fundraisers. But, instead of raising funds to pay for the community’s expenses, as HOAs typically do, try raising funds for those in need this Easter.

There are many fundraising ideas you can choose from. The most popular ones are organizing walks or runs for charitable causes. This activity works best if your community already has a walking path. But, you can also make do by planning a path and marking them off throughout the neighborhood.

Bake sales are another great fundraiser. Residents can bring freshly baked goodies to the sale (at their own expense, of course), and other residents can purchase them, with the proceeds going to a charity. Alternatively, you can organize a community-wide yard sale. Residents can bring items they wish to sell to a designated place (ex: clubhouse or open space). All proceeds from the yard sale will be donated to a charity.

To make these sales even better, open up the events to the general public. Make sure to market the bake sale or yard sale adequately so you get enough foot traffic. Additionally, you will likely need a volunteer crew to clean up afterward. Of course, the alternative would be to ask residents to donate money directly.


4. Plan a Blood Drive

A blood drive is one of the more unconventional Easter community service ideas. But, considering the essence of the holiday, it actually lines up perfectly. A blood drive is not only a way to bring neighbors together but also a way to actually save many lives.

Your homeowners association can partner with a local hospital or the Red Cross to organize this event. Residents can go to a designated location to donate blood. But, there are also organizations and hospitals that take the blood drive directly to you. Organizations typically require a minimum number of donors, so make sure to gauge interest before going through with the event.


5. Organize an Egg Hunt for Other Kids

Organize an Egg Hunt for Other Kids | easter community service ideasMany homeowners associations plan Easter egg hunts for the kids in their own community. As a way of giving back, consider holding another one for other kids, too.

Your HOA can contact a local orphanage or children’s hospital to partner with for the event. You can also get in touch with larger organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. You can either bring the event to them or have the kids come over to your community.

When organizing an egg hunt, safety is a top priority. Make sure to choose a space large enough to hold all participants and one that does not allow vehicles to enter. You might want to consider closing off your streets for a few hours to make room for the egg hunt. Checking the weather forecast for the day of the event can also help you decide whether to pick an indoor or outdoor venue.

The event will also need volunteers to help organize and supervise it, so ask residents to sign up early. This event will require a lot of planning, so it’s best to start preparations at least 6 months ahead.


6. Hold a Community Car Wash

Community service doesn’t always need to be done in partnership with local charities and organizations. Sometimes, you can give back by just helping others in your neighborhood. One way to do this is to hold a community car wash.

Ask members of the association to volunteer to be a part of the car wash crew. It is best to divide volunteers into teams so that you can wash cars at a more efficient rate. As with the egg hunt, you will need a large outdoor space to pull this off.

You can choose to keep the car wash within the association or open it up to the general public as well. More often than not, these types of events are free. But, if you want to charge people for the car wash, consider donating all the proceeds to charity.


7. Volunteer

Volunteer | HOA easter community service ideasIf your HOA does not have the resources to organize any other community service activity, the simplest way is to just volunteer. There are bound to be plenty of children’s hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens in your area. Ask residents to sign up together and volunteer on the same day for a chance to bond while giving back.


Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

This Easter, homeowners associations should make an effort to perform charitable acts and give back to their community. Encourage residents to spread love and think about those who have less. And you can do all of that while instilling a sense of camaraderie by making use of these Easter community service ideas.

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