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Abilene, TX: The Key City

With an estimated population of 123,420, Abilene, TX is the state’s 27th-most populous city. It serves as the county seat of Taylor County.

Abilene continues to attract new residents from all over because of its many qualities. The city features a diverse culture, excellent nightlife, great weather, and an easy commute. Residents also enjoy an affordable cost of living. Additionally, there are a ton of job opportunities in Abilene. In fact, some of its top employers include the Dyess Air Force Base and the Hendrick Health System.

Furthermore, Abilene boasts plenty of good schools. It has two school districts, namely the Abilene Independent School District and the Wylie Independent School District. In terms of higher education, the city is home to six colleges, including Hardin-Simmons University (the oldest university) and Abilene Christian University (the largest university).

Abilene also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, with 29 parks and three athletic complexes. Every year, residents and visitors attend a number of events, such as the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, the West Texas Book and Music Festival, and the Western Heritage Classic. When it comes to art, the city won’t disappoint, as the monthly Artwalk features several buskers and art booths in downtown Abilene. During this time, admission to local museums is also free.

Some notable places in Abilene, TX include:

  • Abilene State Park
  • The Grace Museum
  • Frontier Texas!
  • Historic Fort Phantom Hill
  • Taylor County History Center
  • Abilene Zoological Park


How Can an Abilene, TX HOA Lawyer Help You

Managing a homeowners association, while rewarding, is often a challenging task. HOA boards need to juggle a multitude of responsibilities and sometimes face legal troubles. One of the most common legal issues HOAs can encounter is disputes between homeowners and the association due to special assessments or increased dues.

Homeowners associations rely on dues to fund the various expenses of the community. But, rising vendor rates, expensive materials, and a variety of economic factors can force the board to raise dues. Unexpected costs can also result in special assessments. When these things happen, homeowners can get upset and challenge the board’s decision. It can even lead to legal problems.

With an Abilene, TX HOA attorney, though, homeowners associations can rest easy. An Abilene, TX HOA lawyer can analyze the association’s governing documents, clarify relevant federal or state laws and how they affect the HOA, and come up with strategies on how to legally and appropriately deal with the situation at hand.

If your association may need to go into litigation, an HOA lawyer in Abilene, TX can provide your board with valuable insight and offer guidance. You may also need someone who has experience and knowledge in HOA legalese to represent your association.

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