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Chandler, AZ: The Silicon Desert

Chandler, AZ is a city in Maricopa County with an estimated population of 261,165 residents. It is one of the best places to live in the Phoenix area.

Residents of Chandler enjoy many benefits. The city is home to excellent public schools, great weather, and plenty of housing and job opportunities. There are several companies that have headquarters in Chandler, including Microchip, Infusionsoft, and Rogers. Some of its top employers are Intel, Wells Fargo, the Bank of America, and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Additionally, Chandler has a vibrant arts and culture scene. There are many museums, art galleries, and performing arts venues in the city. It also hosts the famous Ostrich Festival every year. Moreover, Chandler boasts a handful of historic sites listed under the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic McCullough-Price House, the Suhwaro Hotel, the San Marcos Hotel, and Chandler High School are only a few examples that come to mind.

Other places of interest in Chandler include:

  • Arizona Railway Museum
  • Veterans Oasis Park
  • Desert Breeze Railroad
  • Desert Breeze Park
  • Chandler Museum
  • Tumbleweed Ranch


Why Your HOA Needs a Chandler, AZ HOA Lawyer

Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes are frequent in any community, and that includes homeowners associations. Although your board’s first inclination might be to dive right in and get involved, that is not always recommended. Some disputes are best left in the hands of the neighbors themselves, and many resolve on their own without the board’s interference.

However, some disputes can worsen and result in unsavory consequences. If a homeowner brings a neighbor complaint to your board’s attention, your association should first look into the situation to decide whether or not you need to act. To make this decision, you will need expert legal counsel from a Chandler, AZ HOA attorney.

A lawyer can advise you on what actions to take without risking liability. This will help you sort out the dispute while preventing a lawsuit at the same time. But, in case of a lawsuit, an HOA lawyer in Chandler, AZ can offer guidance to your board and represent your association.

Apart from this, a lawyer can also help you address a plethora of issues. This includes revising your bylaws and CC&Rs, checking vendor and management contracts, staying up-to-date with federal and state laws, and managing complaints of harassment.

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