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Charleston, SC: The Holy City

Charleston, SC has an estimated population of 137,566 and is the largest city in the state. It also serves as the county seat of Charleston County.

The city of Charleston has many attractive qualities that draw in new residents every year. It offers a vibrant nightlife scene, a diverse culture, fair weather, an easy commute, and plenty of outdoor activities. The city also provides a lot of housing and job opportunities as well as a relatively low cost of living.

Charleston’s culture has a number of influences, such as English, West African, French, and Southern U.S. The downtown area of Charleston is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike for its arts, cuisine, music, and fashion spots. The city also hosts several annual festivals, including Spoleto Festival USA, the Festival of Houses and Gardens, the Taste of Charleston, the Charleston Antiques Show, and the Charleston Marathon, among other events.

Additionally, Charleston is home to a lot of museums, performing arts venues, and historical sites. This includes the Dock Street Theatre, the Charleston Museum, the Calhoun Mansion, the Heyward-Washington House, and Fort Sumter.

Furthermore, Charleston’s economy primarily consists of the commercial shipping, manufacturing, tourism, and information technology sectors. Some notable companies in the city include BoomTown, Blackbaud, Benefitfocus, SPARC (a subsidiary of Booz Allen Hamilton), and CSS.

Some points of interest in Charleston include:

  • Sottile Theater
  • Old Slave Mart Museum
  • The Battery
  • Gibbes Museum of Art
  • Nathaniel Russell House
  • Rainbow Row
  • Joseph Manigault House
  • South Carolina Aquarium


Why Your HOA Needs a Charleston, SC HOA Lawyer

Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes are prevalent in any community, and homeowners associations are no stranger to this. Whilst your board’s first tendency might be to dart right in and get involved, it is not advisable to always do so. Some disputes are best left in the hands of the neighbors themselves, and many resolve on their own without the association’s involvement.

However, some disputes can swell up and result in unsavory effects. If a homeowner complains to your board about a neighbor, your association should first go over the situation to propose whether or not you need to act. To make this decision, you will need expert legal counsel from a Charleston, SC HOA attorney.

A lawyer can advise you on what actions to take without risking liability. This will help you settle the dispute while, at the same time, avoiding a lawsuit. But, in case of a lawsuit, an HOA lawyer in Charleston, SC can offer guidance to your board and represent your association.

Besides this, a lawyer can also help you manage dozens of other issues. This includes updating your bylaws and CC&Rs, reading through vendor and management contracts, remaining informed of federal and state laws, and resolving complaints of harassment.

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