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Columbia, MD: The Next America

Columbia, MD has an estimated population of 103,467 and is a census-designated place in Howard County. It is a planned community that comprises 10 villages.

This Maryland community has consistently landed a spot in CNN Money’s Best Places to Live in the United States. It is also widely considered to be one of the best places to raise a family in the country. But, what exactly makes Columbia so great?

First of all, Columbia has many excellent public schools, which means parents can rest assured knowing their kids are getting a good education. Columbia is also a very active community, with plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities for health & fitness.

This community prioritizes recreation. In fact, it boasts numerous swimming pools (23 outdoor and six indoor pools), a skateboard park, picnic pavilions, a playground, a clubhouse, batting cages, a miniature golf course, ice & roller skating rinks, and even an equestrian center.

Economy-wise, Columbia’s main activities have to do with the federal government, industrial, retail, and real estate sectors. Some of the companies that call this place home are MICROS Systems, Integral Systems, Martek Biosciences, PetMeds, and Sourcefire. The Mall in Columbia is also a major presence in the community.

While the cost of living in Columbia is rather high, the community certainly makes up for it with these perks. Beyond that, Columbia also offers excellent job opportunities, a diverse culture, fair weather, and a thriving nightlife.

Some notable places in and around Columbia include:

  • Patapsco Valley State Park
  • Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts
  • Centennial Park
  • National Cryptologic Museum
  • Lake Elkhorn
  • Robinson Nature Center
  • Clark’s Elioak Farm
  • Blandair Regional Park
  • Dorsey Hall
  • Woodlawn
  • Oakland Manor


Is a Columbia, MD HOA Lawyer Worth It?

Homeowners association boards enact new rules, impose assessments, and enforce rules. They make decisions that are not always popular. And while most homeowners express their opposition in an amicable manner, some homeowners deal with disagreements in a more aggressive way. On occasion, difficult homeowners will even harass the board over their decisions.

But, board members are not the only ones who experience harassment. Homeowners can harass fellow homeowners, and situations can escalate to involve threats, abuse, and physical violence. These situations are a legal nightmare.

Whether the board receives complaints of harassment or experiences harassment firsthand, it is imperative to hire a Columbia, MD HOA attorney for help. Dealing with this type of ordeal requires a delicate and skilled hand, and most HOA boards don’t have the legal expertise to pull it off. A lawyer, though, knows exactly what to do and can provide your association with valuable advice.

Other than harassment, an HOA lawyer in Columbia, MD can also offer assistance when handling complaints of a breach of fiduciary duty, unfair housing practices, and discrimination. Running a homeowners association can be tricky, so you need a strong hand to help you steer the wheel.

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