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Columbus, OH: The Discovery City

With an estimated population of 898,553, Columbus, OH is the most populous city in the state. It also serves as the capital city of Ohio and the county seat of Franklin County.

Columbus is particularly popular among young professionals. This is due to the relatively low cost of living, affordable housing, and many job opportunities the city offers.

Economy-wise, Columbus primarily focuses on the government, education, defense, banking, insurance, medical research, hospitality, healthcare, and technology sectors. The city also has economic activities based on logistics, energy, steel, food, retail, and clothes. There are also some Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Columbus, such as American Electric Power, Alliance Data Systems, and L Brands.

But, a stable income is not all that Columbus has to offer. In fact, the city is also rich in arts and culture as well as outdoor activities. Columbus is home to several landmarks like the Ohio Statehouse, LeVeque Tower, and the Ohio Judicial Center. Residents and tourists can also visit one of the many museums, performing arts venues, and parks the city has. Other than that, the city also hosts a wide range of annual events and festivals, such as the Ohio State Fair, the Columbus Arts Festival, Rock on the Range, the Park Street Festival, and the Jazz & Rib Fest.

In terms of education, there are a number of public and private primary and secondary schools in the city. There are also two public colleges in Columbus, namely Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College.

Some points of interest in Columbus include:

  • Franklin Park Conservatory
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Highbanks Metro Park
  • Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park
  • North Market Downtown
  • Inniswood Metro Gardens
  • Topiary Park
  • Ohio Village
  • German Village
  • Thurber House
  • Lincoln Theatre
  • Ohio Theatre
  • Palace Theatre


Why Your HOA Needs a Columbus, OH HOA Lawyer

Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes are commonplace in any community, homeowners associations included. While your board’s first instinct might be to jump right in and get involved, it is not always the recommended route. Some disputes are best left in the hands of the neighbors themselves, and many resolve on their own without HOA assistance.

But, some disputes can escalate and lead to unsavory consequences. If a homeowner complains to your board about a neighbor, your association should first investigate the situation to determine whether or not you need to act. To make this decision, you will need expert legal counsel from a Columbus, OH HOA attorney.

A lawyer can advise you on what actions to take without risking liability. This will help you resolve the dispute while simultaneously preventing a lawsuit. But, in the event of a lawsuit, an HOA lawyer in Columbus, OH can offer guidance to your board and represent your association.

In addition to this, a lawyer can also help you handle a multitude of issues. This includes amending your bylaws and CC&Rs, reviewing vendor and management contracts, staying updated with federal and state laws, and dealing with complaints of harassment.

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