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Coral Springs, FL: Everything Under the Sun

Coral Springs, FL has an estimated population of 133,759 and is located in Broward County. The city lies about 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale.

Life in Coral Springs is rather expensive, but the city has plenty of other perks that make up for its high cost of living. For instance, the city is known for its low crime rate as well as being great for families. The residents of Coral Springs also enjoy a superb quality of life, with a wide range of outdoor activities, good public schools, great weather, a diverse culture, and a thriving nightlife at their disposal.

In addition to this, Coral Springs also boasts one of the lowest property tax rates in Broward County. Top employers in the city include First Data, Royal Plastics Group, Alliance Entertainment, and ABB Asea Brown Boveri.

In terms of arts and culture, Coral Springs does not disappoint. The city boasts a handful of museums and performing arts venues as well as two heritage sites. Apart from that, Coral Springs also hosts the Our Town Festival, an annual event that consists of carnival rides, a beauty pageant, a car show, and a parade. Other events include Fiesta Coral Springs and the Festival of the Arts.

Sports is also a big part of the city’s culture. The Florida Panthers NHL team is based in Coral Springs, with over 25 other amateur sports leagues calling the city home.

Some points of interest in Coral Springs include:

  • Coral Springs Center for the Arts
  • Coral Springs Museum of Art
  • The Museum of Coral Springs History
  • Coral Springs Covered Bridge
  • Fern Forest Nature Center
  • Tall Cypress Natural Area


What a Coral Springs, FL HOA Lawyer Can Help You With

Managing a homeowners association, while gratifying, is often a taxing undertaking. HOA boards must handle a wide range of responsibilities and even experience legal troubles. One of the most frequent legal issues HOAs can face is disputes between homeowners and the association as a result of special assessments or raised dues.

HOA communities rely on homeowner fees to finance the various expenses of the association. However, economic factors, rising vendor rates, and costly materials can cause the board to increase dues. Unanticipated costs can also bring about special assessments. When these things occur, homeowners can get mad and challenge the board. Sometimes, it may result in legal action.

With a Coral Springs, FL HOA attorney, though, HOA communities can breathe a sigh of relief. A Coral Springs, FL HOA lawyer can inspect the association’s governing documents, shed light on state and federal laws as well as how they apply to the association, and help the board legally and appropriately tackle legal issues.

Additionally, if your association ever finds itself in litigation, an HOA lawyer in Coral Springs, FL can represent your HOA or board. Even without litigation, a lawyer can offer valuable advice and counsel on various problems.

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