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Davie, FL: A Western Town

Davie, FL is a town located in Broward County with an estimated population of 106,306. The town is also known for its western establishments and buildings.

Davie is a great place to raise a family, as evidenced by its affordable cost of living and good schools. Public schools are operated by the Broward County Public Schools system. But, there are also private schools in Davie, including but not limited to St. David Catholic, St. Bonaventure School, The Master’s Academy, and Conservatory Prep. As for colleges and universities, Davie is home to the University of Florida, Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic University, and Broward College.

This town has a rich history, exemplified by its historic buildings and landmarks, mostly exhibiting Wild West architecture. Residents also enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in the area, as well as great weather, a diverse culture, good job opportunities, and an exciting nightlife.

Some notable places in Davie include:

  • The Old Davie School
  • Young at Art Museum
  • Bergeron Rodeo Grounds
  • Flamingo Gardens
  • The Viele House
  • Pine Island Ridge


Why a Davie, FL HOA Lawyer Is Essential to Your Association

Numerous states have their own set of laws that regulate homeowners associations. Such laws, though, can change over time and modify the way your board can manage the association. Legislators also introduce new laws regularly, and these laws can impact homeowners associations in a lot of ways.

In addition to state laws, there are also several federal laws that homeowners associations must follow. A few that come to mind include the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

It is usually hard to keep up with the growing number of federal and state laws that influence homeowners associations. This is particularly true if your board does not have any experience with the law. Moreover, even the smallest of mistakes can jeopardize your HOA community. If you want to avoid this, a Davie, FL HOA attorney can be of great assistance.

One of the responsibilities of a lawyer is to always remain up-to-date on the new and changing statutes that can affect homeowners associations. With an HOA lawyer in Davie, FL, you can feel more assured that your community stays in compliance with the law. Additionally, an HOA attorney can also represent your association and provide you with advice on a plethora of association matters such as amending your governing documents, reviewing contracts, and handling complaints of harassment.

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