HOA Consulting Services

HOA Management (.com) offers consulting services to community associations. We offer consultations on everything from basic governance to financial management.

The Struggles of HOA Management

Being a board member is not easy, especially when you run a self-managed association. It takes a great deal of time and effort, not to mention some level of expertise on various subject matters. The job can be frustrating, and overwhelming, to say the least.

More often than not, associations that lack professional management encounter hardships in the following areas:

  • Rule and covenant enforcement
  • Budget preparation
  • Dues collection
  • Vendor selection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Maintenance management
  • Homeowner communication and participation

Services We Offer

Many HOA boards lack the time and training necessary to complete day-to-day tasks. And this is where we come in.

HOA Management (.com) provides expert homeowners and condo association consulting services. We can help your board manage your duties and meet deadlines, making your job a lot less stressful.


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General HOA Consultation

HOA Management (.com) offers general HOA consulting services covering a wide range of topics designed to assist board members.
  • Ensure compliance with the law and help you remain compliant as laws change
  • Offer general advice and counsel to the board
  • Provide training and education to board members and committees
  • Devise strategies for enforcing your association’s governing documents (including operating rules)
  • Prepare board meeting agendas and notices
  • Create requests for proposals (RFPs) detailing specifications and requirements for distribution to potential vendors
  • Assist with daily operations and issues
  • Provide on-call assistance

Administrative Consultation

Administrative work is some of the most tedious responsibilities of an HOA board. Yet, it remains essential to the success of your community.

  • Compile and organize all association records and documents
  • Devise and ensure a plan for homeowner communication
  • Apply proper and systematic record keeping method

Financial Consultation

For a majority of HOA boards, managing an association’s finances is one of the most challenging aspects of running a community. Thankfully, HOA Management (.com) also offers financial HOA consulting services.

  • Formulate a detailed plan for the proper management of your association’s finances
  • Evaluate and provide input on your annual budget
  • Assist with expense prioritization
  • Develop strategies for the collection of unpaid dues and minimization of delinquent accounts
  • Audit your association’s financials to help you assess your records internally and prevent fraud
  • Review and assess your financial assets
  • Assist with reserve planning and reserve studies
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Ensure compliance with standard accounting and financial practices
  • Devise internal controls for your association’s finances
  • Provide HOA loan underwriting and assist with loan acquisition

Human Resources Consultation

If your association employs workers, HOA Management (.com) can assist with human resources management.


  • Advertise recruitment
  • Construct job descriptions
  • Assist with the hiring process by reviewing candidates and offering advice on final selection
  • Help develop or provide input on your employee handbook
  • Train new hires or develop a plan for onboarding new recruits
  • Review performance evaluations and help come up with a strategy for improvement
  • Provide counsel on legal issues and termination disputes
  • Ensure OSHA compliance

What Your Association Needs

Association governance poses a variety of challenges. But, whereas professionally managed associations are more equipped to handle these challenges, self-managed communities are less prepared. 

HOA Management (.com) can make life easier for self-managed association boards. Our comprehensive HOA consulting services will help you run your community with proper guidance.

Contact us today or email ideas@hoamanagement.com to learn more about our services.

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