An Overview of HOA Board Duties

If you’ve just been elected to your HOA’s board of directors, it can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. You might be slightly familiar with what happens, but you still worry about carrying out all of your duties.

When accepting a board position, it’s important to know that you are taking on a lot of responsibility—and it can be extremely fulfilling to serve your community. The board is in charge of determining the association’s operational policies in compliance with the governing documents and the state statues. If the HOA has hired an HOA management company, the board is responsible for overseeing these activities.

The duties of each HOA board position depend on the officer’s title. What brings them all together is their obligation to take decisions and actions in good faith for the best of the community. Here is an overview of the different responsibilities for each HOA officer. For specific information about your HOA’s board member requirements and powers see your association’s bylaws.

HOA Board President

The association president serves as the CEO of the community, taking on very similar responsibilities and powers. Most of the time, HOA presidents are expected to be preside at all board meetings and execute orders, contracts, and documents in the name of the association.

The president is also in charge of association’s day-to-day administration and makes sure all duties are carried out. The president is the spokesman for the directors in most matters.  They can also be removed at any time with or without cause from the board by majority vote.

HOA Board Vice President

If the HOA president must be absent for any reason, the vice president is tasked with taking on all powers assigned to the president. The vice president only possesses these powers in the absence of the president.  The vice president often takes on responsibilities such as recreational properties, grounds and buildings, and other activities of the HOA. If your association has employees, the vice president might serve as the association’s executive director of the employee manager.

HOA Board Secretary

The secretary’s responsibilities include keeping and maintaining all board meeting records, membership records, and official HOA records. It’s important to note that the secretary is more than a clerk for the association; they also file corporate annual reports and act as custodian of the records. Legal documents executed on behalf of the HOA will need the president’s signature and to be attested by the secretary.

HOA Board Treasurer

The treasurer’s duties include acting as the HOA’s custodian of securities, funds, and financial records. All reports and financial records are the responsibility of the treasurer. They are also usually meant to coordinate how the proposed annual budget will be developed and preparation of the annual financial report on the HOA’s financial status. They cannot bind the HOA or directors in deals with third parties unless given authority.

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