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Bernards Township, NJ: A Small But Wealthy Town

Bernards Township, NJ is a suburb of New York City and is located in Somerset County, New Jersey. It has an estimated population of 27,038 residents.

Although Bernards Township has a high cost of living, it more than makes up for it with its grade-A public schools, good job opportunities, excellent outdoor activities, and diverse culture. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, a great commute, fair weather, and a low crime rate.

Economy-wise, Bernards Township is home to Barnes & Noble, Hitachi Power Systems USA, Fedders, and Verizon Wireless. In terms of education, the town also has a number of public and private schools. This includes Cedar Hill Elementary School, Mount Prospect Elementary School, Ridge High School, Pingry School, and Saint James School.

Some points of interest in Bernards Township include:

  • Basking Ridge Village
  • KMS Farmstead Historic Site
  • The Devil’s Tree
  • Liberty Corner Village
  • English Farm Historic Site
  • Southard Park
  • The Grain House Historic Site
  • Town Hall and Astor Estate
  • Mountain Park
  • The Ross Farm Historic Site
  • The Brick Academy
  • USGA Museum


What Does a Bernards Township, NJ HOA Lawyer Do?

Believe it or not, homeowners associations are not above legal threats. From conflicting provisions in your governing documents and inconsistent enforcement to a breach of fiduciary duty and subpar amenities, HOA communities can encounter liability in many shapes. Therefore, liability insurance, as well as D&O insurance, are vital to HOAs.

Though, insurance normally plays a role after something has already happened. To impede legal problems in the first place, it is crucial to hire a Bernards Township, NJ HOA attorney to study the legal risks your association might face. In doing so, you can fix these risks before they become real problems.

While studying your legal risks is a great way to preserve the association, legal problems may still emerge. That is just part of HOA management. When these problems transpire, you need a knowledgeable and competent professional by your side. Again, an HOA attorney in Bernards Township, NJ can help your association with this. An attorney can give legal recommendations and represent your homeowners association in case of litigation.

Other things an HOA lawyer in Bernards Township, NJ can do is help you evaluate vendor contracts, amend your bylaws and CC&Rs, remain informed of federal and state laws, and tackle disputes. Considering all these, it is obvious that an HOA attorney is fundamental to any homeowners association.

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