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Burbank, CA: Media Capital of the World

Burbank, CA has an estimated population of 102,511 and is located in Los Angeles County. It is also only 12 miles outside of Downtown Los Angeles. It earned its nickname, “Media Capital of the World,” because of its proximity to Hollywood. Additionally, it is home to a number of entertainment and media companies. This includes Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, ABC, Cartoon Network Studios, and Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

While the cost of living is relatively higher in Burbank, the city more than makes up for it with its other attractive qualities. For instance, Burbank offers an easy commute, fair weather, and a plethora of nightlife and entertainment venues. Residents also enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and great public schools.

Downtown Burbank is particularly popular among residents and tourists alike. This area boasts an urban blend of entertainment, shopping, and dining spots. The San Fernando Strip and the Burbank Town Center immediately come to mind. Furthermore, Burbank is known for having the largest IKEA in the country.

Here are some notable places in Burbank:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Universal CityWalk Hollywood
  • Wildwood Canyon Park
  • Stough Canyon Nature Center
  • Brand Park
  • Descanso Gardens
  • Verdugo Mountains


The Benefits of Hiring a Burbank, CA HOA Lawyer

Every homeowners association has its own set of rules and regulations that maintain the community. These rules typically dictate what homeowners can and can’t do, and breaking them can result in a variety of consequences — from monetary penalties to a suspension of member privileges.

It is the duty of the HOA board to enforce these covenants and rules in a consistent manner. That means following the procedures and penalties written in the association’s governing documents. Sometimes, though, homeowners might oppose the way the board is enforcing these rules. They might claim the board is playing favorites or enforcing the rules in a selective way. Whether or not the claims are true, the board will need legal advice on how to proceed.

This is where a Burbank, CA HOA attorney comes in. An HOA lawyer can help you study existing covenants and rules to determine whether they coincide with the law and other provisions in the governing documents. An attorney can also look into whether or not the board had the power to impose a penalty in the first place.

In more extreme cases, homeowners may file a lawsuit against the association or the board itself. When this happens, you will want a competent and knowledgeable HOA lawyer in Burbank, CA to represent you.

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