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Concord, CA: A Growing Suburb

Concord, CA has an estimated population of 129,295 and is the largest city in Contra Costa County. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the city is bordered by the cities Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, and Clayton. While the cost of living is higher in Concord compared to other cities, this suburb makes up for it with its good schools, great weather, easy commute, and diverse culture.

Concord was mainly a bedroom community, which means it mostly served as a residential area and residents commuted to nearby San Francisco and Oakland for work. Over the years, though, the city has experienced an increase in job opportunities. Some of the companies with headquarters or regional locations in Concord include Round Table Pizza, Bank of America, and Chevron.

Downtown Concord is a popular destination among residents and visitors alike. The main point of interest in this area is Todos Santos Plaza, a large area with a farmer’s market and a wide range of restaurants. In the summer, Todos Santos Plaza also holds free concerts. Apart from that, the city also hosts the annual Concord Jazz Festival.

Some notable places in Concord include:

  • Salvio Pacheco Square
  • Concord Pavilion
  • Markham Regional Arboretum
  • Baldwin Community Park and the Concord Senior Center
  • Dave Brubeck Park
  • Don Francisco Galindo House
  • Ygnacio Valley Park
  • Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe
  • Newhall Community Park
  • Sunvalley Mall
  • Hillcrest Park


What a Concord, CA HOA Lawyer Can Help You With

Running a homeowners association, although gratifying, is usually a difficult task. HOA boards need to deal with a plethora of duties and sometimes encounter legal problems. One of the most common legal troubles HOAs can face is disputes between the association and homeowners due to increased dues or special assessments.

Homeowners associations depend on dues to pay for the many expenses of the community. But, increasing vendor rates, costly materials, and a range of economic factors can push the board to raise fees. Surprise costs can also give rise to special assessments. When these things happen, homeowners can become angry and oppose the board’s position. It can even result in legal issues.

But, with a Concord, CA HOA attorney, homeowners associations can rest assured. A Concord, CA HOA lawyer can examine the association’s bylaws and CC&Rs, explain pertinent federal or state laws and how they impact the HOA, and think of ways to legally and properly address the situation at hand.

If your association goes into litigation proceedings, an HOA lawyer in Concord, CA can offer your board practical insight and provide guidance. You might also require someone who has a background in HOA matters to represent your association.

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