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7 Night Driving Tips for Your HOA Community

Even if your homeowners association is generally well lit at night, the chances of risks are still increased after dusk as visibility decreases. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your community has some guidelines and warnings for living or arriving home at night.

Here are some tips you can share with your HOA members:

#1 Keep the Dashboard Dimmed

When the headlights come on in most vehicles, the dashboard often lights up more. But this can be distracting, especially when driving in a community where there could be other people walking around.

See if your vehicle has a dimmer setting for the dashboard lights so you can see better what’s on the road in front of you.

#2 Check the Angle of Your Headlights

Sometimes headlights can move and end up aiming too high and low for the best visibility on the road. It should be a quick fix at your local car shop to get them best aligned. You can also check your car’s user manual if you prefer to do it yourself.

#3 Be Aware of Wild Animals

Most people might not know that you can easily learn to notice wild animals on the road by looking for their eyes reflecting in the headlights. This is especially important while driving in areas where animals like deer are common. By looking for their eyes, you can see them far before you actually reach them.

#4 Don’t Look at Other Vehicles’ Headlights

Headlights can be extremely distracting, especially if you’re in a community parking lot or street or if the other person passes with their brights on.

Be careful not to look directly at their lights, even if you’re upset they’re using the brights. This can distract and temporarily “blind” you from what’s directly in front.

#5 Point Side Mirrors Down

Your exterior sideview mirrors can be pointed slightly down can also  decrease the glare from other headlights on the road.

#6 Keep the Windshield Clean

Before you take off at night, make sure the windshield is free of streaks or smudges can cleaning it inside and out with paper or cloth. Avoid using your hands directly, as this can just increase streaks.

#7 Get Your Eyes Checked

If you have trouble seeing properly at night, it’s time to make an appointment with your eye doctor. You might need to invest in some prescription lenses that make night driving more efficient. Do it for the safety or yourself and the others on the road.

Encouraging members to drive safely at night is important for ensuring the best community safety and security. Prevent these tips in your next HOA meeting or newsletter.


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