Together, we make bidding better.

SimplySeal is reinventing the process of bidding work by simplifying your workflow. Industry leading tools in an easy-to-use platform give everyone the chance to bid with confidence, gain exposure, and earn more work.

Manage multiple bid requisitions in one place
Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a clear and categorized overview of your bid request.

Create bid requests and invite bidders in minutes
Easily create scope of work, upload documents, add deadlines, and invite bidders.

Engage all parties on a single platform
Ensure bidders see all relevant communication and allow decision makers to engage with the bidding process from start to finish.

Clarify scope of work through Scope Q&A
Transparent communication, clearly defined scope, and apples to apples bidding reduces change orders and wasted time and money.

Sealed bids result in a fair and objective process
Submitted bids are sealed until being reviewed by decision makers after the deadline expires.

Award bids with the click of a button
Review submitted bids side-by-side and pick your winner with the click of a button.

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