At what point do you need industry specific software?

Immediately.  No matter what the size of your community or type of community (condo, townhome, single family), using software that speaks to your needs is essential.  Generally it will only cost you a fraction of the money that custom software would cost.  It’s also important to realize that other people – your competitors – are most likely using an industry specific solution, placing you at a competitive disadvantage.

For management companies that continue to grow, association management software keeps your company at its peak efficiency.  It is a tool that will keep you organized and assist you in accomplishing your goals.  Most software companies will also upgrade their product as technology changes, allowing you to stay current with industry trends.

Switching to a software solution like Condo Manager is easier than you may think.  While there is some time investment involved in a major software change, the result of increased profitability exceeds the initial cost.  It goes without saying that the cost of custom programming or molding non-industry specific software to your needs can be exorbitant.

Three advantages of using industry specific software solutions:

1) It is perfectly suited for the job.  Even a small company can produce the necessary financials, reports and customer service at the level of the larger companies (hint: your competitors).

2) Efficiency leads to profitability.  Time is money, especially in the management industry.

3) You can work smarter, not harder.  With software built for your needs, you have a level of built-in best practices that ensures your company can perform at the highest levels.

In an industry where the competition is high and you want to be at the top of the list of successful management companies, can you afford not to use a software solution developed for the industry?  Our team of experts is ready to help.  Contact us today to learn how Condo Manager can help your company achieve better results.



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