Why Selling Your North Carolina Home to an iBuyer in 2019 Makes Total Sense

Are you interested in selling your home? You might be stressing about finding a good real estate agent or wondering how much clutter you have to clear out in order to stage it effectively. If you’ve ever sold a home before, you know how frustrating selling real estate can be. Potential buyers seem committed but then something happens and the deal falls through. 


Fortunately, home sellers in North Carolina are discovering how simple and hassle-free it can be to sell their homes to an iBuyer. By avoiding the conventional road—with all its pitfalls—to selling real estate, sellers can make a quick deal and get the cash they need to purchase another property or invest as they see fit.


What Is an iBuyer?

There are many highly desirable locations in North Carolina that attract potential buyers, but going the traditional route to making a decent sale can take months. Many sellers are shopping for homes themselves. If they can’t sell their home at the time they find one they wish to buy, they can lose their dream house to another buyer. An iBuyer is a term that reflects a company that invests in real estate property. In short, they buy houses and typically pay cash up front.


If you are interested in selling your home online, you can contact an iBuyer and provide them with some information about your house—its condition, zip code, and age, for instance. The iBuyer does its own research to determine what it believes the home is likely to be worth in the near future. Then, they’ll make an offer. If you think the offer is fair, you can accept it. If you think you can make more by listing your house and taking the traditional route, you can refuse the offer.


Benefits of Selling to an iBuyer

If you decide to sell your home in North Carolina to an iBuyer, you’ll receive cash as soon as you close on the deal—which could be in a matter of days. There’s no stress. The iBuyer has the funds to make these types of deals. You don’t have to negotiate with a potential buyer or worry about whether the contract will fall through. There’s much to be said for the ease of this online process, which is why it’s growing in popularity in North Carolina as well as elsewhere in the country.


The North Carolina Real Estate Market

The median home value in North Carolina is $185,000. In the past year, the state has seen a home value increase of more than seven percent—and there’s a compelling reason to believe this trend is likely to continue with home values increasing another four percent in the coming year. That’s good news for sellers who want to make a profit on their real estate sale. Because the state is enjoying a healthy housing market, it’s attracting investors like iBuyer companies.


You can avoid the headache of listing your home on the market, finding a reputable agent, and marketing it effectively by contacting an iBuyer. Remember, you don’t have to accept the deal. You, too, can make some calculations and perform some research about the likely future value of your home. That way, you can make an informed decision when deciding whether to accept or decline an iBuyer’s offer.

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