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The Truth about HOAs: Involved Homeowners are Happier Homeowners

The Truth about HOAs: Involved Homeowners are Happier Homeowners

Article Link: MYTH: HOMEOWNERS DON’T NEED TO ATTEND COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETINGS. Board members are community leaders. They volunteer their time to make decisions on the well-being and financial health of their association. Every homeowner has a right to know what’s going on in the community and the board should embrace that. FACT: HOMEOWNERS…

The Truth about HOAs: Low Assessments Can Come at a High Price

The Truth about HOAs: Low Assessments Can Come at a High Price

Article Link: MYTH: IT’S BEST TO LIVE IN AN ASSOCIATION WITH THE LOWEST ASSESSMENTS. Another area of effective governance includes setting realistic budgets and funding the reserves. While no one likes making the unpopular decision of raising the assessments, as a board member you are elected to make the tough decisions to promote, maintain,…

The Truth about HOAs:Don’t Blame Governing Documents,Blame Inconsistent Enforcement

The Truth about HOAs:Don’t Blame Governing Documents,Blame Inconsistent Enforcement

Article URL: This is part one of a three-part series debunking common myths about living in community associations. Click here to read part two. MYTH: ENFORCING YOUR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION’S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS LEADS TO UNHAPPY HOMEOWNERS. Most people believe that enforcing the Rules and Regulations and other restrictions in the Declaration leads to unhappy homeowners….

communicate | listening to homeowners

Are You Listening To The Homeowners? Prove It!

Listening to homeowners is one of the most important roles of the HOA board. When homeowners are heard, it’s when the HOA and the residents can really work together. Although homeowner’s opinions can differ at times, the HOA needs to closely listen to homeowners every chance they get. Here are some tips on how you…

mad | hoa board not doing its job

Is Your HOA Board Not Doing Its Job?

Is your HOA board not doing its job? The HOA board has responsibilities to fulfill within the community. If your board is not doing its job, you, as homeowners, can take action. HOA Board Not Doing Its Job? Here’s How to Tell As a resident within a homeowners association, you naturally put a lot of…

blocks| lower hoa fees

How to Lower Fees in Your HOA

Lower HOA fees would be the dream for both residents and the HOA board. HOA fees too high for comfort can make a community difficult to manage. Thus, managers often look for ways on how to lower HOA fees and other homeowners association payments. Let’s look at a few ways on how to reduce HOA…

a jigsaw puzzle spelling the word contribute | contribute to HOA reserves

Why Should Homeowners Contribute to HOA Reserves?

Contribute to HOA reserves as a homeowner, and you’re setting up your community for long-term financial stability. That’s the short reason why members should help build up HOA reserve funds. Your reserve fund contribution not only helps your community thrive in good times. In times of disaster, your reserve contributions also help the HOA get…

7 Night Driving Tips for Your HOA Community

7 Night Driving Tips for Your HOA Community

Even if your homeowners association is generally well lit at night, the chances of risks are still increased after dusk as visibility decreases. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your community has some guidelines and warnings for living or arriving home at night. Here are some tips you can share with your HOA members: #1…

cardboard house | squatters in your hoa

How To Handle Squatters In Your HOA

Squatters in your HOA can be a huge issue waiting to happen. Squatters in homeowners association communities shouldn’t stay there. But when they do show up, it can be a complicated matter involving homeowner’s rights against squatters, versus squatter’s rights. It’s best to prevent squatters in an HOA if you can manage that. And when…

debate | hoa politics

Managing HOA Politics The Smart Way As A Board Member

It’s hard to manage HOA politics when you don’t know where to start. Whether you’re a homeowner intent on running for a board position or a board member on your first day on the job, here are the things you should know about HOA daily politics. Understanding Day-to-Day HOA Politics In many ways, a homeowners…

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