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Bridgeport, CT: The Park City

Bridgeport, CT has an estimated population of 144,399 and is the largest city in Connecticut. It is located in Fairfield County, about 40 miles from The Bronx and 60 miles from Manhattan.

Bridgeport earned its nickname, “The Park City,” because of its public park system. Some of its most famous parks are Seaside Park, Beardsley Park, and Beechwood Park. The city is also home to several performing arts venues and museums. This includes Webster Bank Arena and the Barnum Museum.

In the past, Bridgeport’s economy was largely dominated by the industrial sector. Throughout the years, though, the city has transitioned to more of a service-based economy. Today, in addition to the industrial sector, Bridgeport’s economy consists of the finance, healthcare, and education sectors. Some of its top employers include St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport Hospital, People’s United Bank, and the University of Bridgeport.

Some notable places in Bridgeport include:

  • Downtown Cabaret Theatre
  • The Discovery Museum and Planetarium
  • Klein Memorial Auditorium
  • Beardsley Zoo
  • The Stress Factory
  • Housatonic Museum of Art
  • Pleasure Beach


Understanding the Merits of a Bridgeport, CT HOA Lawyer

As a board member of your homeowners association, you are bound by certain fiduciary duties. Every decision you make and action you take must be within the best interests of the community.

Holding to these duties, though, can sometimes be demanding. Even the littlest of blunders or acts of negligence can be seen by homeowners as an infringement of your fiduciary duty. When that happens, some homeowners might file a lawsuit against the association and specifically mention members of the board by name.

Litigation can get messy, and homeowners have sued their HOAs for much less in the past. Although state laws offer the board some protection against personal liability, no one can guarantee your victory. Even if you know you did nothing wrong, you still need a Bridgeport, CT HOA attorney to represent the association and defend your case.

Other things an HOA lawyer in Bridgeport, CT can help you with include remaining updated with all federal and state laws, modifying your governing documents, studying the legal risks of your association, and managing disputes in the community.

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