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7 Property Management Advertising Ideas To Beat The Competition

What is the best way to advertise property management services? Though there are many strategies to implement, going digital is something that you should strongly consider. Here are seven property management advertising ideas to help you get started.


How to Advertise Property Management Services Online

The way we look at property management advertisements has changed, largely in part due to the widespread use of the Internet. Traditional marketing strategies such as print ads and flyers are no longer as effective. To beat the competition, property management companies must be able to adapt to the changing times. You can start the transition with these effective property management marketing ideas.


1. Create a Professional Website

If you haven’t already, make sure that your property management company has a professional website. Without it, it will be hard to implement a winning digital marketing strategy.

In terms of website elements or features, a responsive design is a must; it ensures that your website displays properly across devices. With a fast, intuitive, and seamless experience, you can make your property management adverts more appealing to potential clients.


2. Optimize Website for Relevant Keywords

SEO | how to advertise property management servicesYour online advertising strategies won’t do any good if nobody sees them. As such, it’s important to optimize your website for relevant keywords.

These are words or phrases that users type when they want to learn more information. To illustrate, you can use a keyword like “property management advertising examples” to boost the ranking of this article on search engines.

Anyone who wants to learn about property management advertising can then see and click this article.

How do you find keywords? The most common strategy would be to use the free Google Keyword Planner.

If you’re new to digital marketing, though, an easier option would be to use Google Autocomplete. Just type a topic or phrase on the search engine and it will recommend the most-searched keywords. From that list, it’s easy to choose relevant keywords that you would like your business to rank for.


3. Create Fresh, Relevant Content

Content is a great way to showcase your experience and expertise. As such, property management companies should invest in content marketing. Create content that is fresh and relevant to your target audience.

Since you are catering to property owners and landlords, you can publish content that speaks to their needs and concerns. For example, you can create a guide on how to find quality vendors or tips on how to improve rent collection. If

potential clients regard you as an authority in the field, they will be more likely to avail of your services. Aside from blog posts, you can also create different kinds of content such as video tutorials, infographics, checklists, whitepapers, and eBooks. Make sure to focus on the types of content that your audience prefers to consume.


4. Expand Your Reach with Social Media

Social media has become one of the best property management advertising tools. It allows companies to reach a wider audience and engage with them on a more personal level.

You can use visual social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to feature high-quality images and videos of your rental properties. If you have vacancies, these social media posts can make it easier to attract prospective tenants. You can show them what it’s like to live in your community, as well as highlight some of the events and businesses in your community.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also a great platform for sharing articles, resources, and the latest trends with your audience.


5. Use Google My Business to Boost Local SEO

A great way to stay ahead of the competition is to optimize for local SEO. This makes your website more visible to your target audience, which is local owners and landlords. Based on Google’s search algorithm, you must have a Google My Business (GMB) listing to appear on local SEO searches.

Setting up a GMB profile is easy; just make sure to include complete details about your property management company. You can also further enhance your listing by optimizing for keywords, including rich media, and answering commonly asked questions (such as operating hours and driving directions).


6. Join Online Business Directories

Networking is a must in the property management industry. Thankfully, it’s also now easier than ever with the use of the internet. Joining online business directories can help you attract more potential clients.

You can choose to join location-specific directors. For example, the Florida Property Management online directory caters to property management companies in the state.

For a wider reach, though, you can advertise with an online directory like Rental Choice that features property management companies all over the country. Joining business directories can also help boost your SEO rankings — which means an even wider online presence.


7. Encourage Clients to Post Online Reviews

online review | best way to advertise property management servicesWord-of-mouth is one of the best advertising strategies. Clients are more likely to trust you if they can read positive reviews about your property management company online.

They’re also more likely to choose you over a competitor if you have better reviews. However, avoid buying positive reviews or creating fake reviews.

If you are not able to meet clients’ expectations, it could further damage your reputation. Though it may take time, a natural, organic approach is much better. And it’s not uncommon to receive negative reviews. Focus on providing solutions that address these clients’ complaints or concerns so that they can change their reviews into positive ones.


Utilizing Property Management Advertising Strategies for Success

Thanks to the internet, companies can take advantage of property management strategies that are easy-to-implement and cost-effective. You no longer have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to advertise your property management services. These property management advertising ideas can be a good start. However, to truly stay ahead of the competition, make sure that you’re always updated on the latest digital marketing trends.

Looking to broaden your online reach? Advertise with HOA management today! We have an online directory that features top-rated management companies and vendor services throughout the country. Email us at or contact us online to learn more.




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