Developer Control

Georgia Developer Won’t Respond to Homeowners After Declarant Period

HOA Not Responding to Homeowner Requests in Colorado

Period of Declarant Control in Alabama

Homeowners Dispute With Developer

Declarant Control Period in Virginia

Is the Developer Liable for Defects in Florida?

Forcing Developer to Turn Over HOA in WA

Builder-Controlled Arkansas HOA Not Responding

Looking for Condo Maintenance Companies in Maryland

Period of Declarant Control in Texas HOA

Declarant Control in Texas HOAs

Transitioning from Developer to Owners in Tennessee

Developer Paid as HOA President in Maryland

Must Developers Hold Open Meetings in Tennessee?

When Does the HOA Transition to Homeowners in Oregon?

Terms of Appointed Directors in New HOA in Alabama

Does Developer Have to Pay HOA Dues in Idaho?

Can the Developer Amend the HOA Documents to Appoint the Board?

Is the Developer Required to Pay Dues in AZ?

Does the Developer Pay Dues on Unsold Lots in Idaho?

Declarant Won’t Share Financial Records in GA HOA

Developer Control in Kansas HOA

Transitioning From Developer Control in Wisconsin

Developer Regulating the Use of a Common Element

When Does a Louisiana HOA Transfer to Owners?

Developer’s Power to Amend the CC&Rs Without Member Approval

Lack of Board Election After Developer Turnover in Virginia

Developer-Controlled HOA Violation, Meeting, and Inspection Issues

Developer in Tennessee Refuses to Elect an HOA Board

HOA Developer Transition Documents

Commercial Association Issues Regarding Turnover, Finances, and Minutes

Georgia Developer Not Calling Meetings or Keeping Accurate Records

HOA Developer Control in Tennessee

Records Inspection Request to Developer in NC

Info on Declarant Obligations in Georgia

Developer Taking Income Generated From HOA Property

Removal of Appointed Board Member and Developer Turnover

How to Transition from Developer Control in Georgia

Developer Turnover and Information Disclosure in Utah

Developer Turnover in Texas HOA

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