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signing papers | hoa board insurance

HOA Board Insurance: How Does It Protect Board Members

Do homeowners associations need insurance? HOA board members will easily know the answer to this question: Yes. After all, proper insurance coverage is one of the best ways to protect your community from natural disasters and emergencies. But many associations tend to overlook insurance that protects board members from liability. Here’s everything you need to…

HOA Garden | set up a community garden

Why And How To Set Up A Community Garden

Summertime is the time for planting, nurturing, and harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to your community, warmer weather encourages neighbors to get out of doors, meet one another, have picnics and barbecues, and socialize in ways that they cannot during the winter months. One of the ways that a community can…

extra income | hoa make extra money

9 Ways The HOA Make Extra Money

Income is paramount to the successful running of any organization, HOAs included. While the HOA primarily relies on dues or assessments for HOA revenue, it can turn to other modes of earning cash, too. So, how can the HOA make extra money? How Can Your HOA Make Extra Money? At times, the expenses of an…

sitting in a row | recruiting hoa board

7 Tips for Recruiting HOA Board Members

Recruiting HOA board members is not just a matter of going out to recruit new board members from whoever volunteers. First, you need to find HOA board members who will fit the job. Then, you need to make sure that when you recruit HOA board members, you also prepare them for the role. Let’s look…

houses | hoa poa coa

HOA, POA, and COA: Breaking Down Each

As a first-time homebuyer, the terms HOA POA COA may sound confusing or unfamiliar to you. There are numerous terminologies and acronyms that exist in the world of real estate. So, it will be helpful to understand the meaning of these three terms, as well as recognize the differences between them and how they function….

clock | 1 hour hoa board meeting

Enforcing A 1 Hour HOA Board Meeting

With disagreeing residents, unending topics to discuss, and chatty board members, the idea of a short HOA board meeting seems almost impossible. However, it is entirely possible to have a 1 hour HOA board meeting by following a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to know. What Is the Science Behind a 1 Hour…

pile of documents | hoa documents

Which HOA Documents Take Precedence Over the Others?

If your HOA governing documents are in conflict with one another, how do you know which one to follow? Which one would win between HOA bylaws vs state laws? And what if some HOA documents are in violation of your state or national rights? The Hierarchy of HOA Documents Explained As an HOA board member,…

Eight Golden Rules for Boards of Directors

This article originally appeared on’s Living Better Blog. By Mike Packard at Associa Board members must interface with their membership, management team, association vendors and other members of the public pragmatically at all times. Following are my personal “Eight Golden Rules” to assist you with achieving that goal: Always be a straight shooter.People admire…

5 HOA Terms Every Board Member Needs to Know

Whether you just got elected to the community association board or you’ve served for years, you want to make a good impression. Knowing these common HOA terms will help you sound like you know what you’re doing while you get up to speed or serve as the refresher you need to keep growing as a…

man upset | failures of hoa board

7 Common Failures of HOA Board Members

Veteran members of an HOA board typically know what to do and what mistakes to avoid. If you are a new HOA leader, knowing the common failures of HOA board members allows you to steer clear from them. Avoid the Usual Failures of HOA Board Members Everyone makes mistakes — it’s human nature. But, the…

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