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homeowners rights against hoa

13 Legal Rights Of Homeowners In HOA Communities And FAQs

Most, if not all, homeowners associations are legal entities. As such, both board members and homeowners are afforded legal rights — all of which should be clearly outlined in your community’s governing documents. If you need further guidance, here are the homeowners rights against HOA communities.   What Are the Homeowners Rights Against HOA? What…

support | hoa online support

Should You Provide HOA Online Support?

Homeowners often have questions or concerns they would like to raise but have no medium to do so in an instant. This is why some HOAs are considering online support. But, is HOA online support even a good idea?   Is HOA Online Support Necessary? In an HOA, it is only normal for residents to…

closed pool | close community pools

Should HOAs Close Community Pools During COVID-19?

HOAs are now implementing measures that will lessen or prevent the transmission of the coronavirus in their communities. One common question that many HOA boards face is whether to close community pools during COVID-19. Before you decide, here are important things to consider. Community Pools During COVID-19: Should You Close Them or Not? According to…

woman with mask | how to use a face mask

Everything You Need To Know About Making And Wearing Face Masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends the use of face masks in public to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, in the United States. HOAs should take note of these guidelines to further prevent coronavirus transmission in their communities. Here’s everything you need to know about making…

elderly residents | aging HOA residents

7 Ways To Help HOA Aging Residents

When an HOA board is made up of younger residents, it can be easy to forget about the senior members of the community. But, every community member matters, including HOA aging residents. As such, it is important to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate more elderly homeowners. How to Provide HOA Aging Residents with Aid…

board meeting minutes

A Guide On How To Write HOA Board Meeting Minutes

In homeowners associations, the board regularly convenes meetings to discuss agenda items and vote. To record what transpires at these meetings, it is imperative to take HOA board meeting minutes. But, what is the process for doing so?   What Are HOA Board Meeting Minutes? Homeowners associations are governed by a set of board members….

basement of a building under construction filled with dirty flood water | water damage behind brick

Water Damage Behind Brick Walls: How Do You Deal With It?

Brick walls are a lovely addition to any community. Although brick improves the overall aesthetic of your HOA, underlying water damage behind brick walls is not uncommon. Here are ways to deal with water infiltration in your brick surface.   In this article: What Causes Water Damage Behind Brick Walls? What Is the Lifespan of…

hoa policies

25 Important HOA Policies The Board Should Think About

Behind every successful homeowners association are effective HOA policies that govern them. HOA policies keep the community in order and residents secure. While HOA policies vary from community to community, there are some that should come as a given.   HOA Policies to Include in Your Community Even though HOA policies are typically created when…

Clearly Defining Violations and ARC Requirements through Board Resolutions

Clearly Defining Violations and ARC Requirements through Board Resolutions

If you’ve served on a board or managed community associations then you know how difficult it can be to handle violations or ARC requests. This is especially the case when the governing documents are not crystal clear. In some cases, HOAs have an extremely detailed section of the governing documents that lays out exactly what…

hoa software

The Top 41 HOA Software Solutions In 2021

If you’re on the board of an HOA or condo you know how hard it is to manage both the property and the people, at the same time. You may even have a property manager to help you out, but it still feels like a full-time job, doesn’t it? HOA software can make your life…

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