HOA Elections

Do Directors Retain Positions After a Failed Election?

Can Idaho Board Appoint New Directors After a Failed Election?

Can an HOA Use Secret Ballots in Kentucky?

Developer Control and Electing Board Officers

Voting for Kentucky HOAs Under COVID-19 Restrictions

Documents Establishing a Quorum in North Carolina

Board Terms of Appointed Directors in California

Electronic Voting in California

Missouri Condo With No Board Members

Joint Tenancy Votes in HOA Elections in California

Who Signs Proxy Forms in South Carolina HOAs?

Electronic HOA Notice in Oregon

Board Resignations in Tennessee HOAs

Validity Period of Proxy Votes in Michigan

Filling Board Vacancies in California HOAs

How to Vote for HOA Board in Michigan

Proxy Laws for Pennsylvania HOAs

HOA Board Vacancies in Idaho

Elections and Quorums in Vermont HOAs

Proxy Votes and Validities in Pennsylvania HOAs

Removing Appointed HOA Board Members in MS

Proxy Rules in Florida HOAs

Signed Election Ballots in Connecticut

Voting Process for North Carolina HOAs

Notice of HOA Meetings in West Virginia

How Many Votes to Win in Indiana Condo

Secret Ballot Voting in Florida HOAs

Can the Board Object to Election Results in CA?

Board Certification in South Carolina

Proxy Voting as a Substitute for Secret Ballots in PA

HOA Is Looking for a President and Board Members in Florida

Electronic Voting in Florida HOAs

Can a Convicted Felon Serve on an HOA Board in Nevada?

Proxy Voting in Georgia HOA

Can a Homeowner Serve on the Board If They Are Suing the HOA?

Can Florida Board Ask for Blank Proxy Votes?

Can a Renter Vote in Montana?

Owners Attacking Spouse for Running for the HOA Board

Are Write-In Candidates Allowed in Florida HOA?

Mother Campaigning for a Candidate in Florida HOA

Can a Parliamentarian Be on the HOA Board?

HOA President Nominating Candidates for Election

Extension of HOA Election Deadline in Alabama

Can an Owner With a Lien Vote or Run for the HOA Board?

Spouses Serving on the Same HOA Board in California

HOA Election But No Vote in Colorado

Limiting Number of Proxies for an Owner in Texas HOA

Required Electronic Voting in California HOA

Can a Non-Titled Resident Run for the HOA Board in CA?

Calling for HOA Elections in California

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