Board Meetings

Virginia HOA Board Only Holding Executive Sessions

Can Police Arrest Homeowner for Trespassing?

Can the HOA Board Discuss Community Issues at Events?

Are HOAs Required to Provide ASL Interpreters?

Who Can Attend Board Meetings in Connecticut?

California HOA Board Meetings, Decisions, and Damages

Board Quorums in Maryland HOAs

Homeowner Input at HOA Board Meetings in AL

HOA Executive Session in Colorado Allowed?

Are HOA Board Meetings Open to All Members in Hawaii?

HOA Limiting Meeting Attendees in Indiana

Can the Board Vote Through Email in Texas?

Can HOA Board Deny Teleconferencing in Arizona?

Does Robert’s Rules Permit the HOA President to Vote on Motions?

Does a Louisiana HOA Have to Have Open Board Meetings?

HOA Board in Maryland Not Holding Meetings

Starting HOA Meetings With a Prayer

Open HOA Board Meetings in Tennessee

Open Board Meetings and Raising HOA Dues in Texas

No Notice or Invitation for HOA Board Meetings in IL

Executive Sessions in Nevada HOAs

Board Meeting Without the HOA Board

Rules for Executive Session for Condo Board

HOA Board Doesn’t Know How to Run a Meeting

Changing Board Meeting Time in Texas HOA

HOA Members Holding Special Meetings in Iowa

What Can Be Discussed in Executive Session in CT?

Posting Meeting Notices on a Bulletin Board in California

Failure to Meet Quorum in Oklahoma HOA

Quorum of the Board

Homeowners Adding Agenda Items to Board Meetings

Monthly HOA Board Meeting Notices in Kansas

Can Homeowners Attend All HOA Meetings in Indiana?

Can the HOA Board Vote in Secret in FL?

Keeping Pending Items on HOA Meeting Agenda

Payment Plan Meeting in Texas HOA

Teleconference Meeting Notice in Missouri

No Notice for HOA Meeting and Election in Oregon

Are Board Meetings Required in Texas?

HOA Board Emails Kept Confidential

Open Meetings Law Under Developer Control

HOA Refusing to Call Special Meeting

Executive Sessions in Oregon HOA

Meeting In Person vs Via Teleconference

Submitting Proxy Requirements After the Deadline

Executive Session to Discuss Management Company

Sharing the Executive Session Agenda in Texas

Revising the Agenda While Another Item Is Up for Vote

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