TRACE Infrared Asphalt Restoration, LLC.

TRACE Infrared Asphalt Restoration, LLC.

History of Industry

Infrared Asphalt Repair was successfully introduced in 1985 as an alternative to traditional Street and Parking Lot repair methods.

Since that time Infrared repair has become an Industry Standard for permanent repair of weather related Potholes, Low areas that retain water and Uneven Joints which cause trip hazards.


Benefits of Infrared Restoration vs Conventional Remove & Replace

FASTER – 25 Minutes repair means minimal disruption to traffic
NO COLD JOINTS – Prevents future entryway for water (future pothole)
LESS MANPOWER – 2 or 3 man crew
LESS EQUIPMENT – One unit / one truck
LESS MATERIALS – 1 to 2 tons lasts all day
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Recycles existing asphalt / minimizes waste

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TRACE Infrared Asphalt Restoration, LLC.
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EmpireWorks Reconstruction and Painting


Who We Are

Founded in 2002, EmpireWorks Reconstruction and Painting has steadily grown into one of our nation’s premier HOA reconstruction companies. We know that Board Members, Homeowners and Managers take great pride in their communities. That’s why EmpireWorks focuses on quality, value, and a commitment to customer service throughout every step of the process. Thank you for considering EmpireWorks and we look forward to discussing your next project!


Extensive notification to all residents so they’ll contact us, not you


Account Executive as Manager, Board, and Resident go-to person


Weekly project walk-throughs to ensure proper completion


Five million in insurance (highest in industry) with dedicated Safety Director


Expertise in resident-occupied homes


What We Do



  • Building exteriors & common areas Interior hallways
  • Fences & perimeter walls Free color imaging sampl

  • Spot repairs, match existing textures Complete re-stucco of buildings Application of foam pop-out

  • Waterproofing deck systems
  • Full deck rebuilds (pool decks too) Stair & Balcony landings Common area walkways

  • Remove & replace damaged wood Upgrades: structural & non-structural Installation of composite materials
  • Repair termite & dry rot damage

  • Replace rusted & corroded metal Full panel fabrication & installation Custom design & fabrication of gates Gutter and Downspout installation

  • Caulking & sealant replacement Water testing & reporting Repair spalling concrete Elastomeric coatings

Conserv Construction



Have you ever struggled to find a construction company that is willing to do minor jobs for you, such as small tenant improvements, or a restroom ADA renovation? What about contractors that take months to complete small tasks like cabinet and counter replacement, flooring removal and replacement, or simply reconfiguring an office? We understand that sometimes you might be delaying a construction project that could help improve your building simply because the quotes you’ve received are too high or the lack of attention you received from the estimating contractor. CONSERV strives to meet our customers’ smaller construction project needs with passion while serving with purpose.

As a property or facility manager, trying to identify a competent, qualified and caring contractor can waste a significant amount of your time and money, setting you back when you should be moving forward. Since most construction companies focus on large projects, it is often very difficult for building managers that have facility improvement challenges, to receive professional services in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. And yet, these smaller projects greatly impact the overall impression and function of a building. We’re committed to serving you for all of your shorter-term construction service needs. This is our unique niche…

Conserv is a full service, general contractor that can self perform all the major trades interior or exterior.

·    Tenant improvement and renovations

·    Disaster preparedness & planning

·    Asphalt paving and repairs

·    Plumbing and fixtures

·    Masonry and Concrete

·    Work orders

·    Construction Management and inspections

We deliver our construction services with purpose, passion, professional management and accountability.  We have quality-control processes embedded in all our work to cultivate both confidence and peace of mind in every customer we have the privilege of serving.  For more information about Conserv, please visit us at