Vinteum I HOA Websites and Communication Portals

Vinteum is a web and mobile solution that connects residents and property managers with community websites and a secure backend portal. Our mission is to improve the quality of service provided by community administrators, and enable them to work more efficiently. We leverage the power of technology coupled with an incredible design, to create a dialogue between residents, boards of directors and property managers. We offer a ton of time saving features, see below:

  • Personalized community website
  • Community surveys
  • Document storage
  • Text and voice messaging
  • Targeted email messages
  • Service requests and work order tracking
  • Package tracking
  • Calendar
  • Amenity reservations
  • Private social network
  • iOS and Android application
  • Guest access control
  • Property management specific functions
  • And much more!

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– Meeting Minute Template
– Violation Letter Template
– Meeting Agenda Template

Tracer Pro

Tracer Pro is a technology solution engineered by Interview USA, a leading technology and software solutions provider.  The Tracer Pro solution is serving organizations and institutions coast to coast across the United States as well as internationally.

Tracer Pro provides tools for Human Services Automation that directly enhances business and work flow processes.  Human Services Automation delivered through Tracer Pro will change the bottom line in your business by bringing much added efficiency, higher accountability, and reduced waste in both time and resources in your business.  Our team will work with your organization, strategically, to provide a uniquely designed solution which will match the specific needs of your organization.  This customization will be designed to enhance, modernize, and streamline your processes and operations through multiple innovative, secure, flexible and upgradeable technologies to make you more profitable.

Tracer Pro enables your organization to securely collect, and manage information and work processes from the field… to the office.  Our Human Services Automation will enhance the management of information and human resources, as well as increase productivity, maximize your use of time and resources, and reduce paper work and information loss. The benefit of such customized automation will bring your business operations to a higher level of efficiency which in necessary in creating a better profit margin. Our technology takes into consideration all aspects of your business processes and workflows at all operational and managerial levels.

Our technology will provide for a seamless connectivity and interaction between multiple technology devices used by your workforce on the field and with your organization’s computer networks. Be it a hand-held unit that fits into your pocket or a tablet pc, Tracer Pro will mobilize and streamline your workforce and cause it to move with less waste, less duplication, less time consumption, and therefore much more efficiency.

Our team staff can also design and provide Gateways, Servers and Interfaces between multiple technology devices used by your workforce on the field and your organization’s computer networks. We know technology is only as good as the skill and knowledge people have in using it.  That is why we pay extreme attention to providing professional customer assistance and ongoing on-site and virtual hands-on training to all of our users.


Condo Manager

Condo Manager is the best property management software for a reason.  Hundreds of management companies have selected our association management software to increase efficiency and productivity to drive positive business results.  Our team of experts includes credentialed professionals, accountants and CPAs, and cutting edge developers that are ready to help you!

The Condo Manager Advantage

Easy Access to Information – Keep a full history of all owners, tenants, and vendors in one easy to use screen.

Maximizes Efficiency – Condo Manager provides automated accounting for assessments, late fees, recurring charges, special assessments, and more.

Streamlines Operations – Take control with full architectural enforcement and delinquency tracking that supports automated citations and letter printing.

Eliminates Clutter – Our “Paperless Office” with electronic document manager lets you scan documents, invoices, photos, etc directly into your system.

Easy and Powerful – Produce financial statements and reports for multiple associations with just a few clicks.

Saves Time and Money – Email or print letters, statements, and other correspondence based on the owner’s preference and reduce your postage expenses!

Other Services Offered

Full Bank Integration – Use any bank of your choice to support lockbox and direct debit (ACH) with Condo Manager

Mass Mailing Services – Email us your statements and newsletters and let our staff do the work for you

Data Conversion – We help with your migration from Quickbooks, TOPS, Yardi, and other outdated programs

Custom Web Design and Hosting – Let our team of designers work with you with give you more powerful presence on the web

Professional Consulting – Our certified experts can help with strategic planning and consulting to help your business achieve positive results.

Hundreds of clients can’t be wrong!  Condo Manager is the best solution for your property management needs.  Contact us today and learn more!