Maintenance and Repairs

Tree Trimming Beyond Property Line California

What are the Maintenance Responsibility for Limited Common Elements in Maryland?

Can HOAs Modify Homes in Colorado?

HOA Refuses to Give Plumber’s Report?

Is the HOA Responsible for Fences in Louisiana?

California HOA Notice Requirements for Street Repairs

In California, Who Is Responsible for Repairing Balcony Screens?

HOA Not Responding to Owner Request in Minnesota

Maintenance Responsibility of Porches

In Maryland, Who Is Responsible for Condo Repairs?

Tree Trimming: Landlord or Tenant’s Responsibility?

Pest Control Responsibility in Texas: HOA or Homeowner?

Apartment Owner Inquires About Selective Enforcement in Illinois

Filing a Service Request With HOA

HOA Not Responding to Repair Requests in MA

HOA Failure to Maintain Yard in Texas

Pest Control Responsibility in HOA in California

Who Is Responsible for Water Damage in a Florida Condo?

Maintenance Responsibility in Louisiana HOA

Who Is Responsible for Exterior Deck Repairs in PA?

Is the HOA Responsible for Mailbox Repair in CA?

HOA Permits for Roof and Solar in Texas

Enforcement of Lawn Maintenance in Florida

Who Is Responsible for a Burst Pipe in Connecticut?

Condo Siding Repair Responsibility in Virginia

Enforcement Procedures for Tennessee HOA

Who Is Liable for Condo Repairs in CA?

Investor-Owned Fence in HOA Needs Repairs

Who Is Responsible for Wall Repairs in Townhomes?

Who Should Clear Snow from Sidewalks in Alaska?

Can I Ask My HOA to Move the Pool Pump?

Condo Fails to Remove Snow on Time in Colorado

Who Is Responsible for Sewage Blocks in Texas HOAs?

Replacing or Repairing Irrigation Systems in Minnesota HOA

Is the Condo Responsible for Interior Damage?

Who Is Responsible for Mailbox Maintenance in Colorado?

HOA Board Not Maintaining Common Areas in Washington

Who Is Responsible for Lawn Maintenance in Idaho?

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