Fees and Assessments

Should an Owner in NY Pay Dues for a Common Area They Don’t Use?

Do Fee Increases Need to Be Allocated Based on a Percentage?

Limitations on HOA Fee Increases in Maryland

What to Do With Surplus Funds in Connecticut?

Owners Paying Dues for Other HOA in Kansas?

How To Find Rules and Request Bylaws in Hawaii

In Arizona, What Are The Limitations on HOA Dues Increases

Where to File a Complaint Against Florida HOAs?

North Carolina HOA Ownership in Question

State Allowance in Maryland

Can a Wisconsin HOA Board Change the Fee Schedule Without a Vote?

How to Settle Overdue Fees in Texas?

HOA Transfer Fees in Texas

Allocation of Dues in North Carolina

Can HOA Hire Management Company Without a Vote?

Late Fees on Dues Without Notice

Paying 3-Year-Old Dues in Missouri

Condo Owner Forced to Pay for Upgrades

Indiana HOA Special Assessment Rule

HOA Fees Too High in Louisiana

Are Late Fees Legal in Washington?

Can a Florida Condo Lower Dues?

Limitations on Raising Dues in Washington

Voting on Assessments in Pennsylvania

Can an HOA Charge a Fee for Tenants in Virginia?

Special Assessments in Maryland HOAs

Charging for Records Inspection in Maryland HOA

Are HOA Fees Negotiable? Can You Get Out of Them?

Online Payments in Wyoming HOAs

Recurring Special Assessments in California HOAs

Understanding HOA Fees in California

HOA Late Fees Limitation in Indiana

HOA Fee Increases in Texas

Can an HOA Increase Dues by 10% in California?

Processing Fees for HOA Dues in California

Fee Increase Limitations in Maryland

Owners Paying for Cost They Don’t Use in NC HOA

How to Collect Delinquent Fees in California

HOA Estoppel Certificate Fee in Florida

Management Company Not Paying Loan

HOA Fee Increase and Changes in Oregon

HOA Management Fees in Georgia

How to Calculate HOA Fee Increases in TN

Obtaining a Recent HOA Statement in Indiana

How to Fight HOA Fee Increases in Illinois

Assistance Fund for Seniors in California HOAs

HOA Assessment Increase Limitations in Arizona

Who Pays the Balance of a Repair Cost?

Dues Increase Limits in Colorado HOAs

Paying a Fee Without Joining an HOA

Annual HOA Fee Increases in Nevada

Can a Condo Charge Special Assessments in Oregon?

What Should We Do With Surplus Funds in Virginia?

Power to Impose HOA Annual Fees in Texas

HOA Board Won’t Explain Fee Increase in California

HOA Dues Increase Limitations in Indiana

What Is the Limit on HOA Fees in Oregon?

Permit for Fence in Pennsylvania HOA

What Is the Limit for HOA Dues Increases in Arizona?

How to Lower HOA Fees in Texas

Can an HOA Not Place a Limit on Dues Increases in SC?

Nevada HOA Dues Increase Cap and Gambling

Late Fees on Unpaid Dues as a Result of Bank Error

Can a Condo in Oklahoma Charge $500 in Fees?

How Can an HOA Collect from Nonpaying Owners in Georgia?

Increasing Fees and Assessing Fines Without a Vote

Florida HOA Has Raised Dues Three Times Already

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