Rules and Regulations

Can HOA Ban Front-Facing Solar Panels in Nort Carolina?

Can HOAs Restrict Solar Panels in Arkansas?

Board Made Amendments Without Notice in Ohio

What Can HOAs Do About Speeding in Georgia?

Can Condos Dictate Who Can Live in a Unit?

Are New Rules Effective If They Are Not Communicated?

HOA Charging a Fee to Park in Owner’s Driveway

Parking on Public Streets in Washington

HOA Enforcing Background Checks

Prohibiting Motorcycles in Florida HOAs

Smoking Marijuana in Virginia HOA

Enforcing Speeding Fines on Private Roads in Florida

Parking on Public Streets in Texas HOA

Occupancy Limits in Florida HOA

Political Signs in California HOAs

Illegal Fireworks in Idaho HOA

Revoking Member Privileges in Maryland HOA

Can HOAs Prohibit Satellite Dishes?

Parking and Vehicle Restrictions in Condos in MA

Growing Cannabis in Oregon HOAs

Can Condos Ban Smoking in California?

HOA Board Refuses to Enforce Parking Rules

Christmas Lights in Texas HOA

Parking Rules in Texas HOAs

Parking Restrictions in Maryland HOAs

Seeking Refund for Manager’s Mistake

Service Dogs and Special Needs in California HOA

Basketball Hoops in Arizona HOAs

How Many Dogs Are Allowed in Colorado HOAs?

Dogs for Commercial Use in Minnesota

Buried Propane Tanks in Texas HOAs

Procedure for Adopting New Rules in California HOAs

Home Businesses in Texas HOA

Trucks for Disabled Residents in Florida HOA

RV Parking in North Carolina HOAs

HOA Tows Vehicles With No Notice in Utah

Pet Restrictions in North Carolina HOAs

Can an HOA Restrict Parking in Louisiana?

Can an HOA in Louisiana Prohibit Public Street Parking?

Can an HOA Enforce Parking Restrictions in Virginia?

Notice Requirements for New Rules in Pennsylvania Condo

Can an HOA Restrict Chickens in Texas?

Prohibiting Street Parking in Washington

Can an HOA Prohibit Chickens If the Town Allows Them?

For Sale Signs in Maryland Condo

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